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2010 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings General Information

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The 2010 Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank will be held during October 8-10 in Washington, DC. As in previous years, the Civil Society Policy Forum, a program of policy dialogues for civil society organizations (CSOs) will be organized on October 6 – 10, 2010.


About the Annual Meetings
Civil Society Policy Forum (Schedule)
Program of Seminars
Registration and Badge Pick-up
Civil Society Meeting / Work Spaces
Access to Media / Contact with Journalists
Hotels and Transportation From / To Airports 








Accreditation Process for Civil Society Representatives

The online registration system to accept applications for civil society accreditation opened on Tuesday August 17, 2010 and closed on Monday September 27, 2010. For more information, please contact or call 1 - 202 - 473 -1840.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund accredit CSOs that are involved in international development policy dialogue or other issues relevant to the work of the World Bank and the IMF and/or engage the Bank and the Fund on a broad range of operations at the local, national, and global level. There is no limit to the number of applicants from a single organization, but each applicant has to apply individually.

All CSO requests for accreditation are first reviewed by the External Affairs Department of the Bank (EXT) and the External Relations Department of the Fund (EXR). EXT/EXR forwards the individual applications for accreditation to the respective Executive Director's office (based on the country from which the request originated), for clearance. The Executive Directors have 8 working days to review the requests for accreditation. At the end of this process, the participant will be notified by the Civil Society Team (EXT/EXR) of the final decision. As the process can take up to 21 days, please apply early to give yourself enough time to make travel arrangements.


 About the 2010 Annual Meetings

The Boards of Governors of the World Bank Group and the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund normally meet once a year to discuss the work of their respective institutions.

In recent years, the Annual Meetings have been preceded by meetings of the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC), the Development Committee (DC), the Group of Twenty, and various other groups of members. At the conclusion of their meetings, the IMFC and the Development Committee, as well as several other groups, issue communiqués. These documents are public and posted on the World Bank and IMF's websites.

For more information on the 2010 Annual Meetings, please refer to the official websites:

Annual Meetings website More about the IMFC


Sponsored CSOs

The Bank and Fund Civil Society Teams are once again sponsoring CSO leaders from developing countries to attend the Annual Meetings in order to ensure that southern civil society voices and perspectives are adequately represented.  This year, we are sponsoring 38 CSOs from 33 countries to travel to Washington and participate actively in a week-long schedule of events, including participating in the Program of Seminar panels, and organizing their session during the Civil Society Policy Forum.  The leaders represent a variety of organizations including NGOs, youth groups, faith-based organizations, foundations, and trade unions.  They also bring expertise in a wide range of areas such as environment, debt, education, gender, human rights, and agriculture.  See attached list of CSO Fellows being sponsored.

Civil Society Policy Forum and Other Events for CSOs

The World Bank and International Monetary Fund Civil Society Teams will be organizing, as in previous years, a Civil Society Policy Forum which is geared to promoting substantive dialogue and exchange of views between Bank/Fund staff, civil society representatives, government officials, academics, and others. The CS Forum will be held at the World Bank and IMF Headquarters from October 6 – 10.

The CS Forum schedule of sessions will be prepared with an inclusive and participatory approach that reflects a diversity of CSOs interests. The sessions are normally organized individually or jointly by the Bank, Fund, and CSOs and focus on a variety of issues. Past topics have addressed issues as food and financial crisis, governance, climate change, transparency, financial sector, education, economic growth, amongst others. We expect to host some 40 policy sessions during the 2010 CS Forum.

As in the past, CSOs representatives attending the Annual Meetings are encouraged to propose topics for the Forum. Fund and the Bank will review the proposals received and try to schedule the sessions. Since we have been receiving more sessions than we have times and rooms available, the IMF/WB civil society team staff might suggest clustering the sessions which have similar topics. We would do so in light of the following criteria:

a. Expand CSO Participation: Encourage more CSOs to host sessions or participate as session panelists, particularly from developing countries, and promote more joint developed and developing country sessions. With this in mind, we request that CSOs propose hosting a maximum of only two sessions, although they can be co-hosts in other sessions.

b. Promote Diversity and Relevance of Topics: we want to be as inclusive as possible and will thus gather as many proposals for session topics as possible in order to reflect the diversity and complexity of development issues. We will also consider those topics from which the Bank and Fund can most benefit from a dialogue with CSOs.

Based on these criteria, we would then contact the proponent CSO with the revised session proposal. As in the past, we will list all the topics of session proposals we received and the draft schedule as it evolves week by week. In addition to the topic, proponent CSOs are expected to propose their own format for the sessions, although we strongly recommend organizing them as panels and leaving plenty of time for discussion, in order to make them as interactive and interesting as possible. Session proponents should also realize that the size and composition of the audience will vary depending on the topic interest and day/time selected. We often have 2-3 sessions running simultaneously and thus some sessions will invariably have smaller audiences.

Those CSOs interested in hosting (or co-hosting), please send the following information:
1. Title of the session
2. Hosting organization (s)
3. One paragraph description of the topic
4. Chair and Panelists (name, title, organization)

For policy sessions related to International Monetary Fund issues please send your proposal to Isabel Saenz ( ; for topics related to the World Bank Group please send your session proposals to Nneka Okereke (

CSOs will be able to attend an Orientation Session on the World Bank Group and IMF and a ‘Townhall meeting’ with the heads of the World Bank Group and IMF on the policy agenda of the Annual Meetings and other topics of interest (both to be held on October 7). CSOs will also be able to follow via video link the official plenary sessions and press conferences. Finally, CSOs can schedule meetings with Bank/Fund staff and Executive Directors, as well as network with other civil society representatives from throughout the world.

CS Policy Forum Schedule


 Program of Seminars

CSOs will be able to participate in the 2010 Program of Seminars which will be held from Thursday, October 7 through Sunday, October 10. The Program comprises panels with high-level Bank, Fund, government, academic, and CSO representatives. This year’s Program will be focused on the global impacts of financial crisis, and will explore issues such as re-thinking globalization, effective strategies for jobs and growth, gender equity in the workplace, greening the crisis response, securing global prosperity, financial sector reform, and investments in fragile counties.

For more information on the Program of Seminars, please click here:


Registration and Badge Pick-up

The Annual Meetings Registration office and badge pick-up will be located in the World Bank H building (600 19th Street, NW) and will be open for the entire week of the Meetings from Monday, October 4 through Sunday, October 10.

Important: Please print the letter you received as an attachment to your accreditation confirmation email, and bring it with you. You will need this letter to both facilitate your visa request as well as to gain access the World Bank and IMF Building. Once you arrive in Wasington DC, proceed to the Registration Counter at 600 19th Street, NW where you can register and receive your identification badge and information on the Civil Society Policy Forum.


 Civil Society Meeting Rooms / Work Spaces

CSO representatives accredited to the Annual Meetings will have at their disposal two meeting spaces in the IMF and WB buildings available from Wednesday, October 6 through Sunday, Ocbober 10.

  • This year the CSO Room will be located in the HQ2 building of the International Monetary Fund (1900 Pennsylvania Ave NW) right next to the new main press center, HQ2 (Third Floor) Room 481. It will be equipped with a number of computers, printers, a copier and a live feed from the press conference room. All communiqués and other press releases, once public and made available to the journalists will also be distributed in the CSO room. CSOs who wish to organize press conferences should contact the IMF Civil Society team. Space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate requests.
  • At the World Bank Main Complex building (1818 H Street NW), CSOs will be able to access the CSO Space located on the C1 level. The CS Forum will be held in the three (3) adjacent conference rooms (MC C1-100, MC C1-200, MC C1-110) on that level. There will be wireless internet connection in that space, a photocopier, as well as two (2) smaller meeting rooms for CSO use.

The use of these conference rooms and meeting rooms will be on a first-come first serve basis, and if interested in scheduling any events please contact: 


 Access to Media / Contacts with Journalists

CSOs are allowed access to the media during the Annual Meetings. They have access to the Press Room and can hold press conferences in the CSO Room. Leafleting is prohibited in the press room or in the public spaces of the building. CSOs may discreetly hand out materials to interested journalists and a table for CSO materials will be provided in the Press Room. While CSO representatives are not allowed in official press conferences, they will be able to follow the press events via a live TV feed located in the CSO Room next to the Press Room.

CSOs who wish to organize press conferences should contact the IMF Civil Society team. Space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate requests.



The IMF and the World Bank do not assist in the visa application process. Once you have been accredited, you can use your accreditation confirmation email to document to US visa officials what the purpose of your visit to Washington is. For those requiring a visa to enter the United State, we suggest that you request accreditation as soon as possible, since applicants have reported delays in the visa processing period in the past few years. If you have any questions on this, please contact us via email at:


 Hotels and Transportation From / To Airports

CSO representatives are expected to book their own hotel rooms in Wasington, DC.

The IMF and World Bank do not provide transportation services to and from the airport(s) for CSOs participating in the Spring Meetings. We suggest that you refer to the websites of the respective local airports (see below) for the form of transportation you prefer (i.e. bus, metro, taxi).

Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.



If you have any questions, please contact us by email at:, by phone: (1-202) 473-1840, or by fax: (1-202) 522-7131.


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