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Civil society organizations share their impressions of the Annual Meetings

November 14, 2011―The largest number ever of CSO representatives, 600 from 85 countries, attended the 2011 Annual Meetings. They represented a variety of constituencies: non-governmental organizations, youth groups, foundations, faith-based groups, academics and trade unions. They came to discuss a broad range of issues ranging from financial transactions tax and aid effectiveness, to energy policy.

CSOs participated in the Civil Society Program which included an orientation session on the Bank, Civil Society Policy Forum (which comprised over 50 policy sessions, primarily organized by CSOs), and participation in the Program of Seminars. Two highlights of the CSO Program were the CSO Roundtable with executive directors and the CSO Townhall with Bob Zoellick and Christine Lagarde.

For the first time, we asked CSOs to share their impressions of the Annual Meetings on camera. As expected, they had a variety of views. While several expressed appreciation for the Bank’s openness, others called for even greater space, and still others suggested ways the Bank can improve CSO participation. Watch these videos to hear their recommendations and views.

Overall CSO Impressions

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Specific CSO Views and Recommendations

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Contributed by John Garrison, Civil Society Team, External Affairs

Videos produced by Edita Andreis, Operational Communications, External Affairs

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