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Civil Society Engagement eNewsletter – August 2012


August 2012 eNewsletter
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Also This Month
Events & Consultations

Call For Feedback: The World Bank is currently seeking online feedback on the following instruments:
Investment Lending / Development Policy Lending Retrospective / Procurement Policy Review 

CONFERENCE: South-South Learning Forum 2012; Oct. 30 - Nov. 3, 2012 
This year's forum will focus on labor market and social assistance policies and programs developed in response to a global jobs crisis. Read More»


Operations Officer (Accreditation) Washington, DC.
The UNFCCC Adapttion Fund Secretariat is seeking an operations officer to join its secretariat. The successful candidatae will support entities interested in applying for accreditation as implementing entities of the Adaptation Fund, with particular emphasis on National Implementing Entities. Application closes August 30th. Read More»


Blame it on Rio:
Unlike the 1984 movie “Blame it on Rio”, which attributed a bawdy affair on the tropical vibes of the stunningly beautiful city, Rio has been the setting for the improbable significant improvement in relations between the Bank and environmental CSOs over the past 20 years. Read More»


Inclusive Green Growth: 
This publication makes the case that greening growth is necessary, efficient, and affordable. Yet spurring growth without ensuring equity will thwart efforts to reduce poverty and improve access to health, education, and infrastructure services. Read More»


Zeinab Bashir El Bakri, a Sudanese national has been appointed a new Member of the Inspection Panel. She resumes on September 1 with more than 20 years of development experience. Read More»



AMsTokyo20122012 World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings - Request Your Accreditation

The 2012 World Bank - IMF Annual Meetings will be held in Tokyo Japan from October 12 through the 14th. To attend the numerous CSO related events each individual CSO representatives needs to request accreditation. Please do so by September 24. To request your accreditation and for more information. Read More»

#AskJimKim - You Asked, World Bank President Jim Kim Answers

Recently the World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim asked you to send your questions, comments and views on the best ways to eradicate poverty. We received over 1,000 posts from 62 countries via Facebook, Twitter, and World Bank Live. Watch Dr. Kim answering some of your questions on: the impact of the global financial crisis on developing countries; jobs and unemployment; gender equality; and child malnutrition. Read More»


Food Price Volatility a Growing Concern, World Bank Stands Ready to Respond


Given the exceptional drought in the US, current crop conditions in other grain producing regions, and the resulting increase in international food prices, the World Bank has expressed concern for the resulting impacts on the world's poor, who are highly vulnerable to increases in food prices. According to President Jim Yong Kim, “we cannot allow short-term food-price spikes to have damaging long-term consequences for the world's most poor and vulnerable”. Read More»


A New Executive Vice President and CEO for the International Finance Corporation

On August 10, Jin-Yong Cai, a Chinese national with more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry and development, was announced the new Executive Vice President and CEO of IFC, a member of the World Bank Group. Prior to accepting this appointment, Jin-Yong served as Particiapating Managing Director in Goldman Sachs Group and Chief Executive of Goldman Sachs Gao Hua, with extensive involvement in Goldman’s management
globally. Read More»


Data Gaps Hampering Efforts to Empower Women

In a latest move to beef up its work on gender equality, the World Bank is making its gender data indicators more accessible through a new data hub. This gender data portal is a one-stop shop for gender information, catering to a wide range of users and providing data from a variety of sources. Data at the country level are organized under six thematic headings, which are aligned to the themes identified by the Inter-agency and Expert Group on Gender Statistics. Read More»

Regional News

Moving Forward By Giving Back: The Diaspora Story: The second-annual Global Diaspora Forum, convened by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, took place July 25–26, 2012. Of the more than 450 participants that attended the event, Africa had the largest representation at 26 percent. Partnerships with Diaspora was the leading theme. Read More »

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East Asia Pacific (EAP)
Opening Doors to Education for a Generation of Young Indonesians: Many Indonesian families face a financial burden when sending their children to school. One government program is helping more than 40 million students by providing grants to schools for elementary and junior secondary levels. Read More »

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Europe and Central Asia (ECA)
Georgia’s Economic Recovery is Gaining Strength with World Bank Support: In support of the government of Georgia's reform efforts, the World Bank recently approved a facility to support competitiveness and inclusive growth as a central component of the country’s development partnership strategy. Read More »

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Latin America and Caribbean (LAC)
One Light Bulb at a Time, Mexico Achieves a Guinness Record: Only 25% of low-income countries worldwide process cash transfers and social benefits electronically. Mexico entered the Guinness Book of Records for
having distributed, for free, 22.9 million energy-saving light bulbs. Read More »

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Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
Arab Men and Women Opine on Rights, Religion, and Rebuilding: A recent poll from Gallup makes for interesting reading and provides surprising results. While there are many commonalities among the Arab countries surveyed (Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen), some of the findings also underline significant differences. Read More »

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South Asia (SAR)
Pakistan: Reaching the Poorest through Cash Transfers: Supported by the World Bank's Fund for the Poorest (IDA) since 2009, Pakistan has established the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), a flagship national safety net initiative that provides income support in the form of cash transfers of US$12 per month to 3.5 million of the poorest families. Read More »

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