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Environment in the World Bank

Removing Barriers to Trade in Africa


'Enhancing Competitiveness and Resilience in Africa'

This report from the World Bank Africa Region lays out key actions to improve environmental and natural resource management in Sub Saharan Africa.

A Treaty That Inspires Global Action

World Bank President Dr. Jim Yong Kim flanked by US Environmental Protection Agency's Administrator Lisa Jackson (left) and World Bank's Vice President for Sustain Development, Rachel Kyte.On the 25th anniversary of the Montreal Protocol, the World Bank and the US EPA come together to celebrate its success and share lessons for future challenges. 
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IUCN World Conservation Congress

A picture of a surprised ringtailed lemur in Madagascar. - Photo: ShutterstockWith the IUCN World Conservation Congress taking place in Jeju, South Korea from Sept. 5-15, 2012, the World Bank brings out a revamped biodiversity website with new stories, videos, infographic, and much more. 
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New World Bank Sourcebook on Pollution Management

Getting to Green – A Sourcebook of Pollution Management Policy Tools for Growth and Competitiveness (the Sourcebook)A fresh approach to pollution management is advocated in a new World Bank Group Sourcebook launched August 15, 2012. It shifts the focus from primarily using public regulatory instruments towards greater acknowledgment of the role of multiple stakeholders in tackling pollution. 
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GTRP Implementation Report

Photo: This implementation report of the Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP) outlines the concerted country-specific and collaborative actions required in the first five years of the program to move toward the 2022 goal of doubling the number of wild tigers from an estimated 3,200 to more than 7,000.This implementation report of the Global Tiger Recovery Program (GTRP) outlines the concerted country-specific and collaborative actions required in the first five years of the program to move toward the 2022 goal of doubling the number of wild tigers from an estimated 3,200 to more than 7,000. 
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Strengthening Disaster Risk Management in Vietnam

Photo: A flooded street in VietnamA World Bank-financed project saw 12 provinces prepare the integrated National Disaster Risk Management Investment Plans and 30 communities implement structural measures. Photo: Marc van Vuren /  
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World Bank Supports Moroccan Coastal Communities

Photo: Moroccan Coastal CommunitiesA new World Bank project will pilot the application of integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) approach at the local level in view of improving resources management and job creation in the coastal areas of Morocco.  
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The World Bank at Rio: Thoughts on the Issues

Photo: Rio+20 UN Conference on Sustainable DevelopmentDuring the 2012 UN Conference on Sustainable Development, leaders from the World Bank wrote about the issues being discussed in the halls and meeting rooms and the growing power of partnerships committed to action.  
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Environment Matters

Photo: Cover of this year's Environment MattersThis year's edition of the Environment Matters, an annual publication of the World Bank's Environment department, focuses almost exclusively on the topics that will dominate the disucssions at the Rio+20 conference.  
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A Unique Honor

Photo: U.S. Department of Treasury award for joint WB-GEF projectA joint project of the World Bank and Global Environment Facility (GEF), received the inaugural Development Impact Honors award from the U.S. Department of the Treasury for helping Brazil achieve a four-year decline in deforestation rates.  
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What's Happening to Biodiversity? (Infographic)


May 17
World Bank Releases Little Green Data Book 2012

May 3
World Bank Halves Water Use, Cuts Greenhouse Gas Emissions

February 23
New Global Partnership to Bring Powerful Forces Together for Healthy Oceans

February 23
The Economist World Oceans Summit: “A New S-O-S: Save Our Seas”

February 7
Thailand: Smarter Patrols to Better Protect the Tiger

January 30
New Soil Carbon Methodology Approved

January 11
Global Organizations to Expand Cooperation on Green Growth for Development

January 5
Protecting Biodiversity of Chu Yang Sin in the Central Highlands of Vietnam

December 12
Helping Countries Tackle "Orphaned” Toxic Pollution Sites - the focus of World Bank Grant to Blacksmith Institute

December 7
South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom: Protecting Endangered Species, Improving Lives in one of the World’s Most Biodiverse Regions

November 28
Empower Women and Be Better Prepared for Climate Change, Says World Bank Study

November 17
World Bank Supports Morocco’s Bold Solar Power Plans

November 2
Call Issued To Save Wild Tigers From Extinction

November 1
World Bank's input to the Rio+20 Zero Draft

UN Environment Programme Logo
UN Environment Programme

Environment Strategy

A new Environment Strategy for the World Bank Group is being drafted.


Corporate Responsibility
Corporate Responsibility Program

Environmental and social responsibility is essential to sustainable development and to good business and is at the core of the World bank's mission.


Cover of the Changing Wealth of Nations
The Changing Wealth
of Nations

Close to one third of the wealth of low-income countries comes from their “natural capital”, including forests, minerals and more.

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