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Safeguard Policies

This group of Operational Policies (OPs) have been identified by World Bank Management as being particularly important in ensuring that Bank operations do no harm to people and the environment.  There are 10 safeguard policies, comprising the Bank's policy on Environmental Assessment (EA) and policies on: Cultural Property; Disputed Areas; Forestry; Indigenous Peoples; International Waterways; Involuntary Resettlement; Natural Habitats; Pest Management; and Safety of Dams.

The Bank undertakes screening of each proposed project to determine the appropriate extent and type of EA to be undertaken and whether or not the project may trigger other safeguard policies.  The Bank classifies the proposed project into one of four categories (A, B, C, and FI) depending on the type, location, sensitivity, and scale of the project and the nature and magnitude of its potential environmental impacts.

The Borrower is responsible for any assessment required by the Safeguard Policies, with general advice provided by Bank staff.  The Bank's Legal Vice Presidency monitors compliance with the policies addressing international waterways and disputed areas.  The Environmental and Socially Sustainable Development (ESSD) Network monitors all other safeguard policies through the Quality Assurance and Compliance Unit (QACU).

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