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Clean Energy and Development: Towards an Investment Framework

“The decisions countries make today on energy policies and technology will have long-term consequences for the sustainability of growth and for the health of our environment"

- Paul Wolfowitz


1.6 billion people, mostly living in Africa and South Asia, still have no access to electricity and therefore we can anticipate that 2/3 of the increase in world energy demand over the next 25 years will come from developing countries.   Developing and transition countries over the next 25 years will require investments of around $300 billion a year.


Finance Ministers met last week and endorsed proposing a new international framework for clean energy and development.


A new report aims at defining an investment framework that will ensure resources are used efficiently. It is organized around three key interdependent issues:


What investments are needed to efficiently meet the energy needs of developing countries while respecting environmental considerations?


What can be done in the industrial, energy, transport sectors to mitigate effects of climate change and reduce greenhouse gases?


What can developing countries do to adapt to climate change and weather variability?



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Clean Energy and Development: Towards an Investment Framework
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