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Role of Environmental Development Policy Loans in Supporting Environmental Sustainability

Author: Anjali Acharya, Senior Environmental Specialist

PDF file Draft Concept Note (updated December 6, 2009)

Over the last few years, numerous environmental
Development Policy Loans (DPLs) have been carried out in several countries (Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru) in the Latin America and the Caribbean region, as well as in a few countries of other regions (e.g., Ghana). The main objectives of environmental DPLs are to mainstream environment in key sectoral agendas and to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of environmental management processes.

This background paper will aim to highlight enabling conditions for the design and implementation of these DPLs, scrutinize environmental mainstreaming in sectors through policy reforms, and assess the effectiveness and impacts of these DPLs in the countries. Through this review and analysis, recommendations will be provided on the design and implementation of future environmental DPLs, and will be a key input to the
2010 Environment Strategy.


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