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Implementation of Environmental Policies

Author: Ernesto Sanchez-Triana, Lead Environmental Specialist

PDF file icon Concept Note (May 14, 2010)

The proposed analytical work will consider the results of the
 assessment that is currently being prepared by the Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) on: (i) the implementation of the Bank’s safeguard policies; and (ii) the IFCs’ design and implementation of its Sustainability Policy and Performance Standards.

The proposed work will provide a foundation for discussions regarding ways to enhance the Bank's environmental operational policies. In the context of the proposed work, the term “environmental policies” refers to the following four safeguard policies: Environmental Assessment (OP/BP 4.01), Natural Habitats (OP/BP 4.04), Forests (OP/BP 4.36) and Pest Management (OP/BP 4.09).

Although these are stand-alone policies, it is recognized that work on the latter two safeguard policies is often triggered by work conducted in the context of Environmental Assessment (EA).

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