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Financing Environmental Services

Author: Klas Sander, Natural Resources Economist

PDF file Draft Concept Note (updated December 23, 2009)

This paper will analyze the contribution of various financing mechanisms to environmental investments, their effectiveness and efficiency in achieving anticipated outcomes, and their replicability in other contexts.the paper will contribute to the development of the new
Environment Strategy as follows:

a) Develop an inventory and typology of financing mechanism that are used to generate environmental investments, with a focus on those that emerged since the
 2001 World Bank Environment Strategy.

b) Assess the performance and value of these financing mechanisms – especially those piloted and implemented by the WBG – against a fixed set of criteria that enables a comparative analysis with respect to key performance indicators.

c) Make proposals to the Environment Strategy how the WBG can provide support to clients, donor governments, and development partners in the area of financing environmental investments.

d) Evaluate the potential of new, innovative development finance for environmental investments and evaluate the comparative advantage of the WBG for facilitating the design and implementation of these investments in client countries.

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