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Strengthening Environmental Institutions and Governance

Author: Urvashi Narain, Senior Environmental Economist, Environment Department

 Paper (November 15, 2010)

In order to inform the 2010 Strategy, and suggest what role the WBG can realistically play in strengthening environmental institutions and governance, this paper takes stock of WBG operations in this area since the 2001 Strategy.  Looking across the spectrum of lending and non-lending operations, the first task is to identify the approaches---points of entry and tools---which have been used to engage with clients.  Thereafter, we evaluate whether these approaches have incorporated lessons from past WBG experience and reflect current understanding of how best to enable environmental institutions and governance reforms.  We also assess the impact, to the extent possible, of a subset of these projects. Finally, we use this understanding to draw lessons for the 2010 Environment Strategy.

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Last updated: 2010-11-15

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