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10 Years of the Little Green Data Book




James Warren Evans

Director, Environment Department, World Bank

Mr. Evans is the Director of the World Bank Environment Department. His main responsibilities include overseeing the implementation of the World Bank’s Environment Strategy, in particular, for mainstreaming environmental objectives in lending and non-lending operations; providing leadership to the global environment agenda with internal constituents and external stakeholders including the expansion and strengthening of global environmental partnerships; and is a key spokesperson for the World Bank on environmental issues.


Giovanni Ruta

Economist, Environment Department, World Bank

Mr. Ruta is an economist at the World Bank's Environment Department - Policy and Economics Team - where he works as focal point on environmental indicators. He specializes on wealth accounting, environmental valuation and climate change adaptation. He co-authored a number of publications on wealth and saving, cost of environmental degradation, valuation of health impacts both at the country and global level. Mr. Ruta previously worked at the World Bank Institute.


John A. Dixon

Formerly Lead Environmental Economist (retired)

Mr. Dixon was at the World Bank from 1990 to 2002. He served in the Latin American region and in the central Environment Department where he established and was Chief of the Indicators and Environmental Valuation Unit. He retired in December 2002 as Lead Environmental Economist at the World Bank Institute (WBIEN) where he led the Environmental Management Team. Upon retiring he returned to Hawaii. From 1981 to 1990 he was at the Environment and Policy Institute, East-West Center, Honolulu. He has extensive field experience in East and Southeast Asia and Latin America. His research and writing focus on applied economic analysis and valuation of environmental impacts on parks and protected areas (both terrestrial and marine), coral reefs and related coastal resources, as well as the related issues of natural resources management and environmental indicators. He was a member of the core team that prepared the 1992 World Development Report, Development and the Environment


Vivien Foster

Lead Economist, Africa Region, World Bank

Ms.Foster is Lead Economist in the Office of the Director for Sustainable Development in the Africa Region of the World Bank, where she is responsible for coordinating a major knowledge program known as the Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic. Her work at the World Bank involves both analytical and advisory services, and economic input into the design and supervision of projects, with a focus on the impacts of infrastructure reform and privatization on the poor. Before joining the World Bank, she was a Managing Consultant of Oxford Economic Research Associates Ltd in the United Kingdom where she advised private and public sector clients in the water and energy industries, and worked with numerous Latin American governments on issues relating to water sector reform.

Kirk Hamilton

Lead Economist, Development Economics, World Bank

Mr. Hamilton is Lead Economist in the Development Economics Research Group of The World Bank and co-author of World Development Report 2010 Development and Climate Change. He is principal author of the World Bank report Where is the Wealth of Nations? and leads research on the links between poverty and environment, ‘greening’ the national accounts, and the economics of climate change. Previously senior research fellow at the UK Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment, Mr. Hamilton has researched and published extensively on growth theory and the economics of sustainable development. He also served as Assistant Director of National Accounts for the government of Canada, where his responsibilities included developing an environmental national accounting program.


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