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Update Session: Environment and Energy Strategies

WBG Environment and Energy Strategy Consultations

Thursday, October 7
9 - 10:30 a.m.
World Bank Main Complex
MC C1-100

Video recording of live webcast 

The World Bank Group has completed a first round of global multi‐stakeholder consultations in recent months to seek inputs for the updated strategies on Environment and Energy. Given the extensive links between these two, and the high level of public interest in the critical issues related to these areas, leaders of the respective strategy teams will provide an update on the process. Interested delegates and observers at the Bank-Fund Annual Meetings are invited to attend, as well as accredited media.


Gary Allport
Senior Conservation Policy Adviser
BirdLife International/IUCN


Michele de Nevers
Senior Manager

Yewande Awe
Senior Environmental Engineer



Lucio Monari
Sector Manager

Masami Kojima
Lead Energy Specialist



For more information: Environment Strategy website, Energy Strategy website 
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