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Cover of Expanding Financing for Biodiversity Conservation

Finding the Funds to Keep Latin America Green

A new World Bank report details the novel ways of financing conservation efforts in Latin America.

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Crossing Boundaries Rachel Kyte, VP, Sustainable Development, World Bank

Rachel Kyte, World Bank's Vice President for Sustainable Development, delivers the keynote speech at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Speech | Blog | Slideshow

An Effective Public-Private Partnership in Mexico Flamingoes - Photo: GEF

With help from the Global Environment Facility, the World Bank has created a Fund for Protected Areas to support efforts in 23 areas. Read More »

Prevention First: Bank’s Approach to Environmental Crime A fish caught in a net. - Photo: Shutterstock

The World Bank is helping its clients curb wildlife crime by placing an increased focus on law enforcement. Read More »

Habitat Threats for Bengal, Indochinese, Malayan and Sumatran Tigers A Bengal tiger. - Photo: Shutterstock

Susmita Dasgupta, lead environmental economist of the World Bank, writes, "habitat conservation is primarily a development problem." Read More »

Madagascar: New Lease of Life for Endangered Species A red ruffed lemur peering out from a tree in Madagascar. - Photo: Shutterstock

A project by Conservation International and the BioCarbon Fund is hoping to protect lemurs and other threatened species. Read More »

Protecting Endangered Species in South Africa The Kluitjieskraal Nursery in the village of Worchester.

A World Bank-supported project has helped mainstream biodiversity conservation into economic development and poverty alleviation. Read More »

Development and Conservation Travel Together in Northern Argentina The Gran Chaco Americano is the largest forested area on the continent after the Amazon.

A new road seeks to set an example of how to plan and design an infrastructure project putting particular emphasis on respecting the environment. Read More »

Brazil’s Largest Environmental Program Leaves Legacy of Preserved Lands and Species Fishermen fishing in the Amazon.

Establishing rules, including fishing regulations, to preserve endangered species was one of the many milestones set by the project to conserve Brazilian rain forest. Read More »

Mongolia: Balancing Development and Environment Protection A moose in the wilderness of Mongolia.

As Mongolia is growing rapidly, efforts are on to ensure its environment won’t pay a heavy price. Read More »

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What's Happening to Biodiversity (Infographic)


Screen grab from Cape Floristic Region in South Africa

Into the Fynbos: Conserving Biodiversity in South Africa's Cape Floristic Region

A Mongolian Moose

Wildlife Picture Index Helps Conserve Biodiversity in Mongolia


Browse over 500 World Bank projects to know about their disbursements, status, and results. Read More »

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Global Tiger Initiative

World Bank is one of several organizations working to protect tigers that could disappear in the next decade. Read More »
SOS Logo

Save Our Species

With biodiversity loss growing at an unprecedented rate, the World Bank is joining with other partners to focus fund-raising efforts to address the crisis.Read More »
Intense fight between two male gemsbok in Etosha, Namibia. - Photo: Shutterstock

The International Consortium on Combating Wildlife Crime

ICCWC is the collaborative effort by five inter-governmental organizations working to bring coordinated support to the national wildlife law enforcement agencies. Read More »

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