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Carbon Finance at the World Bank

Carbon Finance
(photo: Conservation International/James MacKinnon)
With technical support from Conservation International and the World Bank’s BioCarbon Fund, a project is being designed to protect 370,032 hectares of rainforest in Madagascar. More >>

In the humid rainforest of Madagascar, 14 threatened species of lemurs, found only on the island will soon be able to breathe a little easier. A corridor of forest that stretches along the eastern coast of the island called the Ankeniheny-Zahamena Corridor (CAZ) covers approximately 425,000 hectares. CAZ is a region of rich biological diversity and home to hundreds of local Malagasy communities.

In Focus

New video on Humbo Assisted Natural Regeneration Project in Ethiopia. "Trees of Life" features a CDM reforestation project in Ethiopia, where lives are being improved by a community-wide effort to restore the local forest, with the support of the World Bank and World Vision Ethiopia. The film was created on location in the southwestern Humbo region of the country.

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