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Oceans and Coastal Management

Photo: Pacific islander


New Global Partnership for Healthy Oceans Launched

World Bank President launched the new partnership the Economist's World Oceans Summit.

Kiribati: Pushing Against the Tide
Photo: Kiribati by Shutterstock
Comprised of 32 small low lying coral islands, Kiribati is one of the most vulnerable countries to the effects of climate change and sea level rise. Read More » 

Mitigating Climate Change with Coastal Wetlands 
Photo: Mangroves
This report bring to light the carbon sequestration potential of coastal wetlands, and the GHG emissions resulting from the disturbance of these sinks. Read More » 
Capturing and Conserving Natural Coastal Carbon 
Photo: Abandoned boat
New report describes how critical coastal ecosystems can be used in building mitigation and advancing adaptation to climate change. Read More » 
Economics of Coastal Zone Adaptation to Climate Change 
Photo: Pylons in the water
This report explores the potential costs for coastal adaptation in response to human-induced climate change?
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Diving Under the Surface of Kiribati 
Photo: India Coastal Wetlands 
Healthy coral reefs are vital to maintain food supply and protect the shoreline of the low lying island nation of Kiribati. 
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India Coastal Zone Management 
Photo: India Coastal Wetlands

Building capacity for coastal management and piloting the integrated coastal zone management approach in states of Gujarat, Orissa, and West Bengal. Read More »

Assessing the Environmental Impact of Development Policy Lending on Coastal Areas

Cover: Coastal Areas

This toolkit provides guidance on possible significant effects on coastal natural resources.
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Customs and Taboos

Cover: Customas and Taboos

The publicaton covers the role of indigenous knowledge in the management of fish stocks and coral reefs in Tanzania.
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Preserving Reef Connectivity

Cover: Reef Connectivity

This handbook aims to help managers of coastal areas understand and apply the concept of connectivity in their work.


February 2012
New Global Partnership to Bring Powerful Forces Together for Healthy Oceans

February 2012
The Economist World Oceans Summit: “A New S-O-S: Save Our Seas”

December 2011
New Money from Japan for Small-Island States Clean Energy Partnership

October 2011
Kiribati: Pushing Against the Tide

August 2011
Eastern Caribbean Countries to Protect 100,000 Hectares of Fragile Marine Ecosystems

July 2011
Ghana - The West Africa Regional Fisheries Program

June 2011
Mapping Hazards, Reducing Risks for Coastal Communities in Jamaica

April 2011
Degraded Coastal Wetlands Contribute To Climate Change: Report Finds 

March 2011
37,000 Mangroves for Kiribati

March 2011
Sierra Leone - Wetlands Conservation Project

February 2011
World Bank Financing to Help Croatia Meet EU Standards in Nature Conservation

November 2010
Providing access to schools, hospitals and markets for tsunami-affected communities in Samoa

October 2010
Mediterranean Climate Change Initiative: Threats and Opportunities Unite Us

September 2010
Diving Under the Surface of Kiribati 

UN Environment Programme Logo
UN Environment Programme

Environment Strategy 2010 Consultations

A new Environment Strategy for the World Bank Group is being drafted.


Photo: Boy swimming underwater
Environment Matters at the World Bank

The theme of this issue is valuing coastal and marine ecosystem services and their
contributions to sustainable development.


Logo: CRTR
Partner: Coral Reef Targeted Research

The World Bank is a partner in this organization that produces prublications linking to the latest research updates, advisory papers, and reports.

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