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Environmental Economics and Indicators



New Website for Global Partnership

Get more information on how the partnership works to improve information available to decision makers so that development can continue in  sustainable ways.


New Publication: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Services, and Climate Change 

Photo: Agricultural fields

The economics of biodiversity-climate linkages deals with externalities not signaled in current pricing.
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World Bank Launches New Global Partnership to “Green” National Accounts 

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Integrating the true value of biodiversity and ecosystem services into a country’s development planning is critical.
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Little Green Data Book 2010

Little Green Data Book

The tenth edition sums up the past decade, pointing out to a mixed track records of countries in managing the environment.
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Green Accounting and Wealth Estimates

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Developing 'greener' national accounts holds the promise of placing environmental considerations into a framework that key economic ministries will understand.

Environmental Valuation and Greening the National Accounts

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss a number of arguably critical issues and challenges in any  reassessment in environmental valuation methods.
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December 2010
Published: Biodiversity, Ecosystem Serivces, and Climate Change

October 2010
World Bank Launches New Global Partnership to "Green National Accounts"

October 2010World Development Indicators Database Updated.

September 2010
Bank, Global Partners Redouble Commitment to Millennium Development Goals 

July 201010
Years of the Little Green Data Book. Launch in Washington, DC.

July 2010
Blog post - Mongolia: Turn around for the world's oldest nature reserve.

June 2010
World Bank Supports Coastal Zone Management, Water Sector Improvement in India.

June 2010
WB/Mexico: US$450 Million for Adapting Water Sector to Climate Change.

Logo: International Year of Biodiversity
International Year of Biodiversity 

Logo: UNEP
UN Environment Programme

Environment Strategy 2010 Consultations

A new Environment Strategy for the World Bank Group is being drafted.


Photo: Boys in Africa
The Health Impact of Extreme Weather Events in Sub-Saharan Africa

This paper quantifies the impact of extreme weather events on the incidence of diarrhea, malnutrition and mortality in young children.


Photo: Elephant and baby
Household Welfare and Natural Resources Zambia

The paper focuses on the economic welfare of households living around national parks in Zambia.

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