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Where is the Wealth of Nations?

Cover: Wealth of NationsThis book describes estimates of wealth and its components for nearly 120 countries. The book has four sections. The first part introduces the wealth estimates and highlights the level and composition of wealth across countries. The second part analyzes changes in wealth and their implications for economic policy. The third part deepens the analysis by considering the importance of human and institutional capital, and by linking wealth to production. The fourth part reviews existing applications of resource and environmental accounting in developed and developing countries.

A copy of the book can be purchased directly through the World Bank’s InfoShop. To download a PDF version of the book please click on the link below. For easier access, you may also download each section individually.


Download Chapter by chapter:

 Front Matter and Executive Summary

PART 1 - Wealth Accounting

 Chapter 1: Introduction: The Millennium Capital Assessment

 Chapter 2: The Wealth Stock Estimates

PART 2 - Changes in Wealth

 Chapter 3: Recent Genuine Saving Estimates

 Chapter 4: The Importance of Investing Resource Rents: A Hartwick Rule Counterfactual

 Chapter 5: The Importance of Population Dynamics

 Chapter 6: Testing Genuine Saving

PART 3 - Wealth, Production and Development

 Chapter 7: Explaining the Intangible Capital Residual: The Role of Human Capital and Institutions

 Chapter 8: Wealth and Production

PART 4 - International Experience

 Chapter 9: Developing and Using Environmental Accounts

Appendixes: Sources and Methods

 Appendix 1: Building the Wealth Estimates

 Appendix 2: Wealth Estimates by Country, 2000

 Appendix 3: Genuine Saving Estimates by Country, 2000

 Appendix 4: Change in Weatlh per Capita, 2000



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