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Title Topic Content Type
Environmental Assessment and Development, 1994EnvironmentPublication

Environmental Assessment Reports in the World Bank's Documents and Reports DatabaseEnvironmental AssessmentEnvironmental Assessment Reports

Guidelines for Environmental Screening of Road Projects, 1997 (24 Kb PDF)TransportationPublication

Roads and the Environment: A Handbook, 1997TransportationWorld Bank Technical Paper

The Impact of Environmental Assessment: A Review of World Bank's Experience, 1997Environmental AssessmentWorld Bank Technical Paper

Third Environmental Assessment ReviewEnvironmental AssessmentPublication

Third Environmental Assessment Review (Full Document), 2002Environmental AssessmentPublication

World Bank Pollution Prevention and Abatement Handbook: Glossary of Environmental Terms, 1998 (82 Kb PDF)Pollution Prevention and AbatementHandbook

World Bank Project Integrated Safeguards Data Sheets (ISDS)Environmental AssessmentIntegrated Safeguards Data Sheets