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Europe and Central Asia

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Environment Strategy

Europe and Central Asia


Relative to GDP, carbon emissions in ECA are among the highest in the world. So the Region faces dual challenges of managing its energy security while maximizing options for cleaner energy. Pollution management and shifting attention to new models for managing industrial pollution continue to be a major challenge in ECA that will require addressing current and future pollution flows and associated risks, as well as legacy pollution and brownfield regeneration. The region also faces the challenge of maximizing wealth creation from natural resources and the sustainability of natural resource-based economic activities, such as forests, which are a major source of employment, timber, and ecological services. While upgrading infrastructure, improving water resource management, and improving water utilities and energy systems are needed independently of climate change, they would also help to make the region more resilient. Learn More. Read the Executive Summary in French, Spanish.


The ECA Region is engaged in a large and multifaceted program of energy supply augmentation and modernization, with a significant focus on clean energy options. In a number of countries, new “green economy” studies are being undertaken to assess the implications of implementing EU policies on cleaner production and consumption as well as climate change. The World Bank is also supporting efforts to address legacy pollution, and sustainable forest management, with an emphasis on governance, the role of communities and the private sector, and conservation and environmental services, including carbon sequestration. To improve resilience, the Region has launched programs for the modernization of hydro-meteorological services to target enhanced emergency preparedness and planning and better institutional coordination in flood-prone river basins. Improved pasture management is also helping build climate resilience in Central Asia. Learn More. Read the Executive Summary in French, Spanish.

Last updated: 2012-05-29

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