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Environment Strategy



The challenge for Africa in managing its forests is to cope with the poor governance issues plaguing the forestry sector and the fragmentation of external funding. Africa is still home to less-developed coastlines that still harbor intact ecosystems that protect coastal cities and infrastructure from flooding and provide protection for fisheries, but its seascapes are increasingly threatened by human pressure, and destruction of coastal mangrove forests has increased the vulnerability of coastal settlements. The region is also burdened with the pollution impacts of a long history of mining, and faces challenges in managing waste in its fast-growing cities. Finally, Africa needs to address land and soil degradation affecting at least 425 million people, as well as water scarcity or stress. Learn More. Read the Executive Summary in French.


The key to realizing the sustainable development potential of Africa’s forests and woodlands is improved governance at all levels. Besides working through REDD and similar mechanisms to monitor progress, the World Bank will address natural resources governance through development policy lending, technical assistance, and the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative, and support sustainable land and water management production benefits that have significant biodiversity benefits. The World Bank will undertake new analytical work on hazardous waste and persistent organic pollutants, and work to enhance the enabling environment for responsible private sector investment. Urban environmental sanitation upgrading will be piloted. To improve resilience, the World Bank will support sustainable land management strategies through the TerrAfrica partnership, demonstrate integration of climate risk and resilience into development planning and implementation through the Climate Investment Funds and the Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, and provide continued assistance for river basin programs. Coastal zone management and flood mitigation will become an area of increased investment. Learn More

. Read the Executive Summary in French.

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