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World Bank and GEF Publications

Several World Bank publications are GEF specific and provide information on the Bank's experience in implementing GEF co-financed projects. Some of these publications are GEF focal area specific pertaining to the three main focal areas (biodiversity, climate change, international waters). For hardcopies of any of these reports, please contact


Working together to Re-shape the Global Commons: The World Bank Group's Contribution to the GEF Partnership (Currently unavailable as a PDF, please contact us for a hard copy)


The Status and Impact of Biosafety Regulation in Developing Economies Since Ratification of the Cartagena Protocol

June 2012

EAP GEF brochure 2012 cover

The World Bank's GEF Program in East Asia and the Pacific

February 2012

Addo cover

Addo Elephant National Park: From Planning to the Implementation of a Successful Conservation and Socio-Economic Model 

November 2011

CAPEPartnership for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development

November 2011

IP screen

A Call to Action: Improving Indigenous Peoples’ Access to Conservation Funding

May 2011


Concentrating Solar Power (CSP): Into the Mainstream Towards a Sustainable Energy Future 

October 2010 

Convenient solutions cover


Convenient Solutions to an Inconvenient Truth: Ecosystem Based Approaches to Climate Change Executive Summary (English, French, Spanish)

May 2010 

Sustainable transport cover



Building an Effective Knowledge Base: The smart road to sustainable transport

May 2010

Valuing Protected Areas Cover


 Valuing Protected Areas

May 2010


Reducing the Human and Environmental Risks of Obsolete Pesticides, 2010
Ship Breaking and Recycling Industry in Bangladesh and Pakistan, 2010
Mainstreaming Climate Change Mitigation in Cities, 2009 

Protecting and Improving the Global Commons - 15 Years of the World Bank Group–Global Environment Facility Program, 2006

Global Gains through Community-Based Approaches: World Bank–GEF Operations in Sub-Saharan Africa, 2006

Faiths and the environment : World Bank support 2000-05

Capacity Building Requirements for Global Environmental Protection, 2000

The Global Environment Facility: The Pilot Phase and Beyond, 2000

The World Bank and the Global Environment: Progress Report, 2000

The Global Environmental Benefits of Land Degradation Control on Agricultural Land - Global Overlays Program, 1999

Market-Based Instruments for the Implementation of the Montreal Protocol in Developing Countries, 1996

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