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GEF Secretariat


The GEF Secretariat reports to the GEF Assembly of participating countries and GEF Council. It is supported administratively by the World Bank but is functionally independent of all implementing agencies.

The Secretariat is managed by the CEO of the Facility, who is appointed for three years by the Council on the joint recommendation of the Implementing Agencies. The current CEO and Chairman, Mrs. Monique Barbut, was reappointed in November 2009.

The GEF Secretariat's major functions are:

  • Implementing effectively the decisions of the GEF Assembly and Council.
  • Coordinating the formulation and overseeing the implementation of program activities pursuant to the joint work program.
  • In consultation with Implementing Agencies, ensuring the implementation of the operational policies adopted by the Council through the preparation of common guidelines on the project cycle.
  • Reviewing and reporting to the Council on the adequacy of work programs made by the Implementing Agencies in accordance with the guidelines referred above.

Further information about GEF, visit the GEF Secretariat website.

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