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Implementing Agencies

The World Bank, UNDP and UNEP are the three Implementing Agencies of the GEF established in the GEF Instrument. Each agency GEF implements ctivities within its respective areas of competence.

The World Bank's primary role is in ensuring the development and management of investment projects. The Bank draws upon its lending experience and policy dialogue with developing countries to help them identify, prepare and implement projects that simultaneously reduce poverty, improve the local, environment and benefit the global environment. The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the Bank Group's private sector arm, particularly focuses on mobilizing private sector resources.

The United Nations Development Programme's primary role is in ensuring the development and management of capacity building programs and technical assistance projects. Through its worldwide field office network, UNDP draws upon its expertise in institution strengthening, human resource development, non-governmental and community participation to assist countries in designing and implementing activities consistent with the purpose of the GEF. In addition, UNDP manages the Small Grants Programme on behalf of the GEF.

The United Nations Environment Programme's primary role is in catalyzing the development of scientific and technical analysis and advancing environmental management in GEF-financed activities. UNEP helps to relate GEF-financed activities to global, regional and national environmental assessments, policy frameworks and plans, and to international environmental agreements. UNEP is also responsible for supporting the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP).

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