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GEF Assembly and Council

The GEF Assembly is the supreme governing body of the GEF and consists of representatives of all participating countries, and is responsible for reviewing the general policies of the Facility. Its chair is elected from among the representatives, and all decisions are reached by consensus. The Assembly meets every three years; the first GEF Assembly meeting was held in April 1998 in Delhi, India. The second GEF Assembly in October 2002 in Beijing, China, the third GEF Assembly in Cape Town in August 2006, and the fourth GEF Assembly in Punta del Este, Uruguay in May 2010.

The GEF Council comprises representatives of 32 constituencies; 18 members are from recipient countries and 14 from non-recipient countries. Some constituencies include a mix of recipient and non-recipient countries.

The GEF Council is the main governing body of the GEF for all issues related to operations. It is responsible for developing, adopting, and evaluating the operational policies and programs for GEF activities. The GEF Council meets on a semi-annual basis to review projects proposed for GEF funding.

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