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13th Financial Agents Workshop, April 2009

As the World Bank has been fortunate to report over the years, all our partner countries with ongoing ODS phase-out projects have met related ODS Montreal Protocol compliance targets in 2007 and are expected to do so for 2008 as well.  For the most part, project implementation is proceeding smoothly and will support the complete phaseout of CFCs, CTC and halon which is required by the end of this year.  There have also been rapid developments in new areas, namely HCFCs and ODS destruction in 2008, and some of our client countries are already embarking on the process of HCFC phaseout management plan preparation.  Recognizing the need to harnass the experience, capacity, and policy base of our clients to leverage greater environmental gains for both ozone layer protection and climate benefits, this year's workshop agenda covered a mix of topics:  progress in completing national and sector ODS phaseout plans, methyl bromide monitoring and reporting, opportunities for financing ODS destruction, and shared technical and policy concerns. 

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