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15th Financial Agents Workshop, March 31-April 1, 2011

We have seen a remarkable evolution from the mid-1990s, where financial agents from countries around the world gathered to discuss subgrant agreements, project appraisals, and incremental operating costs, to the present, where NOUs, PMUs and veteran FAs alike are able to share their success stories in implementing investment and non-investment activities.  These activities are within the framework of an immense body of Montreal Protocol (MP), MLF, and World Bank policy guidelines for meeting the first set of MP phase-out obligations for Annex A substances – completed as of 2010.  Now we are poised to witness changes in the MP business that will demand new financial, legal, and implementation arrangements and approaches. 

Thus at the cusp of the HCFC phase-out compliance period for Article 5 countries which starts with the 2013 freeze, the current focus of work for most is developing HCFC phase-out management plans, preparing related investment and non-investment activities, and submitting these to the MLF to permit implementation to start.   Reflecting this focus, the workshop presentations by our Ozone Operations Resource Group and other experts were on alternative technologies and climate friendlier phase-out approaches.  In addition, our client countries shared their practical experiences to date in developing their plans and phase-out strategies.


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