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Focusing attention on the plight of the rural poor is at the core of the World Bank's Agriculture Action Plan. It stresses that improvements in the well-being of the poor will only be possible through enhancement of their productive, social and environmental assets. This means increasing the productivity and growth of both the farm and non farm economies.

The World Bank cannot and should not do this in isolation. Broader alliances are needed to serve the rural poor – whether it be to increase agricultural productivity, to better manage their assets and diversify their income streams, or to improve their health status.

The following provides links to our partners' sites and partnership information.

Africa Livestock Data

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Africa Livestock Data

This is a three-year (2010-2012) project which works with national governments and institutes to pilot and develop methodologies for identifying, collecting and analyzing livestock data in three pilot countries: Uganda, Tanzania and Niger. It supports the identification of key livestock indicators and underlining data which fosters pro-poor investment and policy formulation through the institutionalization of this data into national frameworks of agricultural statistics.

Agriculture Finance Support Facility


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AgriFin: Agriculture Finance Support Facility

AgriFin aims to support financial institutions in Africa and Asia to develop scalable models of agriculture finance that benefit a large number of smallholders.

All Fish

Alliance for Good Fisheries Governance  


Allfish is a public-private partnership created by the seafood industry, working in partnership with the World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization and the Global Environment Facility to establish more economically and environmentally sustainable fisheries and successful aquaculture operations, particularly in developing countries.


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CGIAR: A Global Research Partnership for a Food-Secure Future 
CGIAR advances cutting-edge science to reduce rural poverty, increase food security, improve human health and nutrition, and ensure the sustainable management of natural resources. The CGIAR Fund, which is administered by the World Bank as Trustee, finances research carried out by the 15 Centers of the CGIAR Consortium in close collaboration with hundreds of partners worldwide through CGIAR Research Programs. Significant attention is placed on working with those partners best positioned to ensure that research leads to sustainable impact and measurable improvements in the lives of poor people in developing countries.

The Forum for Agriculture Risk Management in Development

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The Forum for Agriculture Risk Management in Development (FARMD) 

The Forum for Agriculture Risk Management in Development (FARMD) is a network of practitioners that seek to promote the systematic exchange of knowledge in agriculture risk management. The network facilitates this mission through a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform that enables stakeholders to share their experiences, gain access to information and best practices, engage in constructive dialogues, and build partnerships. FARMD's online knowledge-sharing platform offers a wealth of information, tools, and resources to promote this experience sharing, knowledge advancement, capacity building, and learning in the field of agriculture risk management. By improving the practice of agriculture risk management, the network seeks to strengthen investments in the agricultural sector and reduce the vulnerabilities faced by different stakeholders.

Gender in Agriculture

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Gender in Agriculture is an online forum which is designed to provide access to resources, tools and information which can help practitioners and other stakeholders mainstream gender into agricultural development.

Global Agriculture and Food Security Program

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GAFSP: Global Agriculture and Food Security Program

The Program’s objective is to address the underfunding of country and regional agriculture and food security strategic investment plans already being developed by countries in consultation with donors and other stakeholders at the country level.

Growing Forest Partnership

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Growing Forest Partnerships  


Growing Forest Partnerships support initiatives developed by forest dependent people and those who use, manage or regulate forests.

Global Donor Platform

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The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development is a network of 34 bilateral and multilateral donors, international financing institutions, intergovernmental organisations and development agencies. Members share a common vision that agriculture and rural development is central to poverty reduction, and a conviction that sustainable and efficient development requires a coordinated global approach. Following years of relative decline in public investment in the sector, the Platform was created in 2003 to increase and improve the quality of development assistance in agriculture and rural development.
ICT in Agriculture

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ICT in Agriculture

This platform hosts the “ICT in Agriculture” e-Sourcebook, which provides practitioners within and outside of the World Bank Group with lessons learned, guiding principles, and hundreds of examples and case studies on applying information and communication technologies in poor agriculture. Also, it captures the expanding knowledge and use of ICT tools in agrarian livelihoods. 

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Knowledge Exchange Platform for Responsible Agro-Investment (RAI)

The Platform provides one stop shop on RAI issues for policymakers, practitioners and stakeholders.

Program on Forests

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PROFOR: Program on Forests 

PROFOR’s online knowledge sharing platform aims to facilitate learning and awareness around creating sound forest policy on issues ranging from livelihoods and financing, to illegal logging, biodiversity and climate change.

Strengthening National Comprehensive Agricultural Public Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa Program

Strengthening National Comprehensive Agricultural Public Expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa Program 

Recognizing the constraints to the growth and poverty reduction potential of the agriculture sector resulting from limited and mis-targeted government expenditure on public goods and services, the aim of the program, “Strengthening national comprehensive agriculture public expenditure in Sub-Saharan Africa”, is to support analyses of public expenditure priorities and impacts to provide the evidentiary bases for improving the impact of scarce public resources spent by Sub-Saharan African governments on agriculture sector development activities.

Support to High Level Task Force on Food Security 


The objective of the High-Level Task Force is to ensure comprehensive and coordinated understanding and action in responding to both immediate and longer-term food challenges.

Trade Standards Practitioners Network 


The mission of the TSPN is to improve the effectiveness of initiatives that support developing country capacity and participation in the implementation of trade-related social, environment and food safety standards and related measures through information sharing, policy research and capacity building.






















































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