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Sustainable rural development entails improving the well-being of rural people in the broadest possible sense. Consistent with the World Bank's vision of a world free of poverty, rural development efforts address quality of life issues that comprise the livelihoods of rural people.

Below is a list of topics in rural development addressed by the World Bank. These topics are also addressed in further depth through the links on the left.

Agribusiness and Rural Private Sector Development 


Agribusiness Indicators


Agricultural Innovation Systems (previously Agricultural Education & Training, Agricultural Extension, Agricultural Research)


Agricultural Risk Management


Agricultural Trade 




Climate Change 


Community Based Rural Development 


Fisheries and Aquaculture 


Forests and Forestry 


Gender and Rural Development 


Irrigation and Drainage


Land Policy and Administration 


Land Resources Management 


Livestock and Animal Resources


Rural Finance 


Rural Livelihoods


Rural Transport 


Rural Water Supply


Sanitation and Hygiene


Water Resources Management 

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