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Producer Organizations

Empowering poor people to participate in development is one of the principal pillars underpinning the World Bank's efforts to reduce poverty. Nowhere is this more important than in rural areas - home to the majority of the world's poor - where agriculture is often the backbone of the economy.

Most farming is done by smallholders or landless farmers in tenant relationships. As individual farmers they have little market power to influence either policies that affect them, or to benefit from economies of scale in their engagement with the marketplace, or to harness potential opportunities offered by globalization.

However, when rural producers come together they can find their voice and take an active role is shaping their own pathways out of poverty. At the World Bank we work with producer organizations to strengthen their institutions and build their capacity to:

  • access market opportunities, services and investments they need to increase their farm and off farm revenues, and
  • make their voices heard in local, national and international forum where decisions that affect their lives are taken.

Producer Organizations Highlights