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Land Policy and Administration Publications

Title  Date 
Innovations in Land Rights Recognition, Administration, and Governance 2010
How Land Title Affects Child Labor? 2009


Information and communications technology in land administration projects (English)2008


Land policy and administration as a basis for the sustainable development of the Brazilian Amazon (English)2008


A strategy for improving land administration in India (English)2008


Land Administration Reform: Indicators of Success and Future Challenges (PDF) 2007

Consensus, Confusion, and Controversy - Selected Land Reform Issues in Sub-Saharan Africa2005

Land Policies for Growth and Poverty Reduction2002

Local Institutions that enforce Customary Law in the Kyrgyz Republic and their Impact on Women's Rights2002

Home-ownership, Community Interactions, and Segregation  (292 Kb PDF) 2000

Best Practices For Land Administration Systems in Developing Countries (141 Kb PDF) 2000

Titling Collective Property, Participation, and Collective Resource Management: A Review of World Bank Experience in Columbia(133 Kb PDF) 2000

Can Time and Markets Eliminate Costly Land Ownership Inequality? (PDF)2000

How Land Reform Contributes to Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction: Empirical Evidence from International and Zimbabwean Experience  (27 Kb PDF) 2000

The Evolving Role of Land Administration in Support of Sustainable Development(83 Kb PDF) 2000

Market-Assisted Land Reform: A New Solution to Old Problems1995

Market-Assisted Land Reform: Helping Solve a Debt Crisis1995

Farm Restructuring and Land Tenure in Reforming Socialist Economies: a Comparative Analysis of Eastern and Central Europe1995

The Myth of Large-Farm Superiority1995

Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Russia1994

Land Reform and Farm Restructuring in Ukraine1994

Power, Distortions, Revolt, and Reform in Agricultural Land Relations1993

The Economics of Rural Organization: Theory, Practice and Policy,1993

Administrative Valuation of Soviet Agricultural Land Results Using Lithuanian Production Data1991

Decollectivization and the Agricultural Transition in Eastern and Central Europe1991

Enhancing the Contribution of Land Reform to Mexican Agricultural Development1990

Watershed Development in Asia: Strategies and Technologies1990

Credit Rationing, Tenancy, Productivity, and the Dynamics of Inequality1989


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