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Agricultural Trade Publications

Title Date
The Doha development agenda : what's on the table? (English)2008
Leveling the playing field in international agricultural trade (English)2007
Reforming Agricultural Trade for Developing Countries: Volume 1, Key Issues for a Pro-Development Outcome of the Doha Round2007


Reforming Agricultural Trade for Developing Countries: Volume 2, Quantifying the Impact of Multilateral Trade Reform 



Reducing distortions to agricultural incentives : progress, pitfalls, and prospects (English)2006


Distributional effects of WTO agricultural reforms in rich and poor countries (English)2006


World Bank analysis of regional economic integration and trade facilitation : an evaluative review of selected documents (English)2006


Do global trade distortions still harm developing country farmers ? (English)2006


The relative importance of global agricultural subsidies and market access (English)2006


Why market access is the most important of agriculture's "three pillars" in the Doha negotiations (English)2006


Trade, Doha, and development : a window into the issues (English)2006


Agricultural market access : the key to Doha success (English)



Jamaica's Trade in Ethnic Foods and Other Niche Products (544 KB PDF)2005

Agriculture, Rural Development, and Pro-poor Growth (494 KB PDF)2005

Agricultural Trade Reform and the Doha Development Agenda2005

The Impact of Coffee Market Reforms on Producer Prices and Price Transmission2004/07/06

Agricultural Diversification for the Poor: Guidelines for Practitioners  (209 KB PDF)2004/03

Agriculture and the WTO: Creating a Trading System for Development2004/03

Coffee Markets: New Paradigms in Global Supply and Demand2004/03

Groundnut Policies, Global Trade Dynamics and the Impact of Liberalization2004/03

Cotton: Market Setting, Trade Policies and Issues2004/02

Sugar Policies: Opportunity for Change2004/02

Achieving Ukraine's Agricultural Potential: Stimulating Agricultural Growth and Improving Rural Life (OECD, World Bank)2004

East Asia Integrates: a Trade Policy Agenda for Shared Growth2004

From Challenge to Opportunity: Transforming Kenya's Fresh Vegetable Trade in the Context of Emerging Food Safety and Other Standards in Europe2003/12

Agriculture, Trade, and the WTO in South Asia2003/10

Domestic Support for Agriculture: Agricultural Policy Reform and Developing Countries  (108 KB PDF)2003/09/10

Export Subsidies: Agricultural Policy Reform and Developing Countries (58 KB PDF)2003/09/10

Market Access: Agricultural Policy Reform and Developing Countries2003/09/10

Paving the Way for Trade in Africa2003/07

Standards and Global Trade- A Voice for Africa2003/06

Gender and Employment in High Value Agriculture Industries2003/05

More Favorable Treatment of Developing Countries and the Doha Development Agenda2003/05

To spray or not to spray? - pesticides, banana exports, and food safety2003/03

Economics of Administering Import Quotas with Licenses-on-Demand, The (130 KB PDF)2003/01

Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries- Investing to Unlock Global Opportunities-20032003/01

Rent Seeking with Politically Contestable Rights to Tariff-Rate Import Quotas (121 KB PDF)2003/01

Dealing with the Coffee Crisis in Central America: Impacts and Strategies2003

Reaching the Rural Poor: A Renewed Strategy for Rural Development2003

Tanzania Cotton Sector: Constraints and Challenges in a Global Environment 2002/12

AMS and Domestic Support in the WTO Trade Negotiations on Agriculture: Issues and Suggestions for New Rules, The (109 KB PDF)2002/09/25

IMF Executive Board Discusses Market Access for Developing Country Exports (IMF)2002/09

Perspectives on Agricultural Export State Trading Enterprises in the WTO Trade Negotiations (122 KB PDF)2002/08

Cotton Policy Brief: Out of the Cotton Sector's Monopoly System Benin Private Sector Takes Charge2002/07

Cotton Sector Strategies in West and Central Africa2002/07

Food and agricultural policy in Russia - progress to date and the road forward2002/07

Understanding the Production Effects of European Union Direct Payments for Acres Planted and Diverted (136 KB PDF)2002/07

Cotton Policy Brief: The World Cotton Market: Structure, Recent Trends, and Prospects2002/06

Cotton Policy Brief: The Administered Monopoly Model in the Era of Competition and Globalization2002/03

Export Subsidies and the WTO Trade Negotiations on Agriculture: Issues and Suggestions for New Rules (156 KB PDF)2002/03

Liberalizing Trade in Agriculture: Developing Countries in Asia and the Post-Doha Agenda2002/03

Liberalizing Trade in Agriculture: Developing Countries in Asia and the Post-Doha Agenda2002/03

Agricultural Markets and Risks: Management of the Latter, Not the Former2002/02

Global Economic Prospects and the Developing Countries: Making Trade Work for the World's Poor-20022002/01

India: Evaluating Bank Assistance for Agricultural and Rural Development- A Country Assistance Evaluation2002/01

Agricultural markets in Benin and Malawi: the operation and performance of traders2001/12

Egypt:Toward Agricultural Competitiveness in the 21st Century- An Agricultural Export-Oriented Strategy  2001/12

Trade Policy Reform and Poverty Alleviation2001/12

Agricultural Trade Liberalization in a New Trade Round: Perspectives of Developing Countries and Transition Economies2001/09

Response to the Proposal of the WTO Net-Food Importing Countries  (82 KB PDF)2001/09

Unrestricted market access for Sub-Saharan Africa - How much is it worth and who pays?2001/04

Sugar Policy and Reform2001

Definition of Export Subsidies and the Agreement on Agriculture, The (122 KB PDF)2000/11

Experiences de la mise en oeuvre du processus d'application des resultats de l'Uruguay: Le Cas de la Republique Centrafricaine (32 KB PDF)2000/11

World Bank Support for the Least Developed and Net Food Importing Countries (372 KB PDF)2000/11

Agricultural Trade Barriers , Trade Negotiations, and the Interests of Developing Countries  (94 KB PDF)2000/09

Politique Agricole et Accords Internationaux des Echanges au Sahel: CAS Du Niger  (488 KB PDF)2000/09

Food Safety and Developing Countries: The safety of food supply has taken on a new urgency in the global market place2000/08

Agricultural support policies in transition economies2000/05

GMOS, Policy and Welfare in Rich and poor countries2000/04

Standards and Related Regulations in International Trade: A Modeling Approach2000/04

Integrating Agriculture into the WTO: The Next Phase (85 KB PDF)2000/03

Experience from the Implementation of Uruguay Round Commitments: Policy Options and Challenges for African Countries  (149 KB PDF)2000/02

Trade and Development in the GATT and WTO: The Role of Special and Differential Treatment for Developing Countries (156 KB PDF)2000/02

Trade policy developments in the Middle East and North Africa2000/02

Food safety issues in the developing world2000

Food Security and the Challenge to Agriculture in the 21st Century1999/03

Implementing the Uruguay Round on Agriculture and Issues for the Next Round: A Developing Country 1999

Agriculture and the Macroeconomy1998

Present outlook for trade negotiations in the World Trade Organization, The1998

Agricultural Reform in Russia: a View from the Farm Level1996

Global Food Supply Prospects1996

Trade and the environment1995/05

Agricultural trade liberalization in the Uruguay Round: one step forward, one step back?1995

Private Trader Response to Market Liberalization in Tanzania's Cashew Nut Industry1994/03

Cotton Production Prospects for the Decade to 20051994

Exporting High-Value Food Commodities: Success Stories from Developing Countries1993

Trade and the environment: a survey of the literature1992

Agricultural Reform in Developing Countries Reflection for Eastern Europe1990

Analyzing the Effects of U.S. Agricultural Policy on Mexican Agricultural Markets Using the MEXAGMKTS Model1990

Analyzing the Effects of U.S. Macroeconomic Policy on U.S. Agriculture Using the USAGMKTS Model1990

Costs and Benefits of Agricultural Price Stabilization in Brazil1990

Redefining the role of government in agriculture for the 1990s1990

How Has Instability in World Markets Affected Agricultural Export Producers in Developing Countries?1989



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