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Fisheries Projects

Development, Empowerment and Conservation in the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park and Surrounding Region

Northern Botswana Human Wildlife Coexistence Project

West Africa Regional Fisheries Program

Mindanao Rural Development Program Phase II - Natural Resource Management Component

Jamaica Rural Economic Development Initiative

India Sustainable Rural Livelihoods and Security through Innovations in Land and Ecosystem Mgmt /Additional GEF financing to India NAIP

Thailand Small Scale Livestock Waste Management Program

Tanzania - Accelerated Food Security Project

Tanzania Additional Financing for Agricultural Sector Development Project

Additional Financing for Tanzania Second Social Action Fund

Pakistan Trade and Transport Facilitation II

China Yunnan Urban Environmental

Eastern Nile Watershed Management Project

Montenegro Institutional Development and Agriculture Strengthening

Lake Victoria Environmental Management Project Phase II

Trinidad and Tobago: Nariva ecosystem restoration and carbon sequestration

Nigeria Commercial Agriculture Development

LAO PDR: Rice Productivity Improvement Project

Senegal Sustainable Management of Fish Resources

Brazil: Nova Gerar Carbon Finance adn Solid Waste Management Project II

China Eco-Farming Project

Brazil: Espirito Santo Biodiversity and Watershed Conservation and Restoration Project

Benin Emergency Food Security Support Project

Madagascar Rural Development Support Project Additional Financing

Togo Additional Financing to Community Development Project - Food Crisis

India: Orissa Community Tank Management Project

Brazil: Sao Luis Enhancing Municipal Governance and Quality of Life Project


Togo Community Development Project

Vietnam Northern Delta Transport Development Project

Maldives Environmental Management Project

China: Han River Urban Environment Improvement Project

Nicaragua Hurricane Felix Emergency Recovery Project

Brazil: Alto Solimoes Basic Services and Sustainable Development Project in Support of the Zona Franca Verde Program

Bangladesh National Agricultural Technology Project

Bolivia Lake Titicaca Local Sustainable Development

Croatia Agricultural Pollution Control Project

Assessment, Monitoring and Management of POPs and other Persistent Toxic Substances in Coastal Ecosystems of the Wider Caribbean Region

Bangladesh Water Management Improvement Project

Colombia Second Rural Productive Partnerships Project

Cape Verde Growth & Competitiveness Supplemental Credit

Southwest Indian Ocean Fisheries Project

Brazil: Caatinga Conservation and Management - Mata Branca

Serbia Transitional Agriculture Reform Project

Republic of Congo Agricultural Development and Rural Roads Rehabilitation Project

Malawi Second National Water Development Project

GEF-Western Indian Ocean Marine Highway Development and Coastal and Marine Contamination Prevention

Sierra Leone Rural and Private Sector Development

Uruguay Promoting Innovation to Enhance Competitiveness

Uganda Private Power Generation (Bujagali) Project

Andhra Pradesh Community-Based Tank Management Project

Mindanao Rural Development Project - Phase 2


Indonesia Farmer Empowerment through Agricultural Technology and Information

China: GEF-Ningbo Water and Environment Project

Guinea: Coastal Marine and Biodiversity Management

Marine Electronic Highway Demonstration Project 

Brazil: Integrated Management of Aquatic Resources in the Amazon (AquaBio)

Senegal River Basin Multi-purpose Water Resources Development Project

Tsunami Disaster Recovery in India

Kiribati: Adaptation Program Phase II - Pilot Implementation Phase 

Uganda: Millennium Science Initiative

Hungary Nutrient Reduction Project 

India National Agricultural Innovation Project

Colombia: Integrated National Adaptation Program

Nigeria: Second National Fadama Development Critical Ecosystem Management Project

Cameroon Forest and Environment Development Program

Indonesia: Integrating Environment and Forest Protection into the Recovery and Future Development of Aceh 

Republic of Yemen Fisheries Resource Management and Conservation

Gabon Natural Resources Management Development Policy Loan

China: Fifth Inland Waterways

Namibian Coast Conservation and Management Project

Tanzania Marine and Coastal Environment Management

Colombia: Rio Frio Carbon Offset Project

Rwanda: Integrated Management of Critical Ecosystems Project

Lao Environment and Social Project

Chad: Community-Based Ecosystem Management Project

Brazil - Ecosystem Restoration of Riparian Forests in Sao Paulo

Kazakhstan Agricultural Competitiveness Project 

Tunisia: Gulf of Gabes Marine and Coastal Resources Protection Project

Western Kenya Integrated Ecosystem Management Project

Senegal: Integrated Marine and Coastal Resources Management Project

Guinea-Bissau: Coastal and Biodiversity Management Project

Uganda Private Sector Competitiveness II

Indonesia: Coral Reef Rehabilitation and Management Program Phase II

OECS Protected Areas and Associated Livelihoods Project

South Africa: ZA-C.A.P.E. Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development Project