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Household Welfare and Natural Resource Management Around National Parks in Zambia 2009


Nepal - Country environmental analysis : strengthening institutions and management systems for enhanced environmental governance (English)2008


Local institutions and climate change adaptation (English)2008


Innovation support funds for farmer-led research and development (English)



Devolution of resource rights, poverty, and natural resource management: a review (English)2005


Promoting local innovation: enhancing IK dynamics and links with scientific knowledge (English)2005


The agrarian economies of Central-Eastern Europe and the commonwealth of independent states : an update on status and progress in 2003 (English)2005


Status and evolution of environmental priorities in the poverty reduction strategies: an assessment of fifty poverty reduction strategy papers (English)2003


Local Institutions that enforce Customary Law in the Kyrgyz Republic and their Impact on Women's Rights2002/03

Towards Rights-based Fisheries Management in Argentina2001

Property Rights, Collective Action and Technologies for Natural Resource Management (79 Kb PDF)2000

Comprehensive River Basin Development: The Tennessee Valley Authority1998

Has Decentralization Aided Biodiversity Conservation?1996/06

Decentralization and Biodiversity Conservation1996
Are Stable Agreements for Sharing International River Waters Now Possible? 1995

Resource Management and Pastoral Institution Building in the West African Sahel1993


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