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Concept Papers & Information Notes

Title Date Content Type
Grants For Income Generation (English)2006/11ARD note

Innovative financial services for India: monsoon-indexed lending and insurance for smallholders Vol. 1 of 1 (English)2003/08/30Working Pper

Leasing: An Underutilized Tool in Rural Finance2004/06Discussion Paper

Livestock-in-kind credit : helping the rural poor to invest and save Vol. 1 (English)2001/04/30Newsletter

Microfinance Institutions Moving into Financing for Agriculture2004/01Information Note

Rural Financial Services through State Banks2004/01Information Note

Sustainability of microfinance self help groups in India: would federating help?2005/02/01Policy Research Working Paper

Zambia's Credit Management Services : micro-credit schemes for women enterpreneurs Vol. 1 (English)1999/05/31Newsletter


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