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Impact Assessment & Microeconomic Studies

Title Date Content Type
Access to capital in rural Thailand : an estimated model of formal versus informal credit2005/02/01policy research working paper

Behavioral responses to risk in rural China Vol. 1 (English)1998/09/30policy research working paper

Fighting poverty with microcredit : experience in Bangladesh Vol. 1 (English)1998/10/31publication

Outreach and sustainability of six rural finance institutions in sub-Saharan Africa Vol. 1 (English)1994/07/31publication

Precautionary saving from different sources of income - evidence from rural Pakistan Vol. 1 (English)2002/01/31policy research working paper

The Bangladesh rural advancement committee ' s credit programs : performance and sustainability Vol. 1 (English)1996/08/31publication

Use of the formal and informal financial sectors : does gender matter? empirical evidence from rural Bangladesh2005/01/01policy research working paper



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