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Other Sector Studies Covering Rural Finance

Title Date Content Type
Accelerating China's rural transformation Vol. 1 (English)1999/08/13publication

Agriculture policy reform in the ECA transition economies, 1991-2002 : an assessment of the World Bank ' s approach Vol. 1 of 1 (English)2003/01/01working paper

Brazil - Access to Financial Services Vol. 1 of 1 (English)2004/03/19economic report

Development of micro, small enterprises and rural finance in Sub-Saharan Africa : the World Bank ' s strategy Vol. 1 (English)1998/03/31newsletter

El Salvador - Rural development study Vol. 1 (English)1998/03/31publication

Financial sector reforms in Mongolia Vol. 1 (English)1998/01/01WBI working paper

Mexico - land policy : a decade after the Ejido Reform Vol. 1 (English)2001/06/16sector report

Nicaragua - Promoting Competitiveness and Stimulating Broad-based Growth in Agriculture Vol. 1 (English)2002/10/31sector report

Poland - The functioning of the labor, land and financial markets : opportunities and constraints for farming sector restructuring Vol. 1 (English)2001/12/31sector report

Reforms in Albania agriculture : assessing a sector in transition Vol. 1 (English)1999/03/31publication

Sri Lanka - Nonplantation crop sector policy alternatives Vol. 1 (English)1996/03/20sector report

Strate gic reforms for agricultural growth in Pakistan Vol. 1 / Strategic reforms for agricultural growth in Pakistan (English)1999/04/30publication

Uzbekistan - Creating financial markets : a review of the financial sector Vol. 1 (English)1997/03/03sector report



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