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Global Program on Fisheries (PROFISH)

The state of global fisheries is characterized by weak governance. This results in the development of excessive fishing capacity, overfishing, and a vast loss of wealth. Fish products have also become the object of extensive international trade, most of it from poor countries to wealthier ones. Today, a substantial opportunity presents itself to recapture lost wealth in capture fisheries and to increase supply from aquaculture systems. Capitalizing on this opportunity can create livelihoods and improve food security and nutrition for hundreds of millions of people. It can also increase our ability to adapt to climate change.

World Bank has established a Global Program on Fisheries (PROFISH) in association with key donors and stakeholders to meet the challenge of this growing crisis. PROFISH is a programming and funding partnership between key fishery sector donors, international financial institutions, developing countries, stakeholder organizations, and international agencies. PROFISH currently receives financial and in-kind support from Iceland, France, Norway and Finland, Japan, FAO and the World Bank, and the growing partnership includes IUCN and WorldFish Center, organizers of the  NEPAD Fish for All Summit(Summit Declaration/ Action Plan) (PDFs, 16 KB/ 133 KB). See the address delivered by Warren Evans, Director of Environment, The World Bank, at the NEPAD Fish for All Summit in Abuja, Nigeria. (English, French) (PDFs 15 KB/15 KB)

The mission of the World Bank’s Global Program on Fisheries is to promote and facilitate the contribution that fisheries and aquaculture can make to sustainable economic growth, better nutrition, economic opportunities for women, and poverty reduction.

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