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ARD Notes

 ARD Note
ARD Notes are short briefs addressing one issue. The Notes are made to be accessible for all audiences, including the media, busy policy-makers, and non-technical specialists. Notes present the major points of a specific issue in the agricultural sector in short, succinct prose.

Just click on the titles below to download an ARD Note that interests you.Please note that most links will lead to PDF document. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you can download it here.

  1. Exploring Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture: The Potential of Cross-Sectional Analysis
  2. Cost Recovery and Water Pricing for Irrigation and Drainage: What Works?
  3. Re-engaging in Agricultural Water Management: Policy and Institutional Options for Decision Makers
  4. Shaping the Future of Water for Agriculture: Designing and Implementing Quality Investments in Agricultural Water Management
  5. Water Management and Agricultural Trade
  6. Conjunctive Use of Groundwater and Surface Water
  7. Investing in Drought Preparedness
  8. Expanding Post-Harvest Finance through Warehouse Receipts and Related Instruments
  9. When Markets Do Not Work, Should Grants Be Used?
  10. Credit Alternatives in Rural Finance: Financial Leasing
  11. Intellectual Property Rights for Agriculture in International Trade: A Plant Breeding Perspective
  12. Intellectual Property Rights for Plant Breeding and Rural Development: Challenges for Agricultural Policymakers
  13. Public Research in Plant Breeding and Intellectual Property Rights: A Call for New Institutional Policies
  14. Intellectual Property Rights in the Breeding Industry: Farmers' Interests
  15. Monitoring and Evaluating the Poverty Impacts of Agricultural Water Investments
  16. Investing in Smallholder Irrigation
  17. Investing in the Reuse of Treated Wastewater
  18. Can Water Undermine Growth? Evidence from Ethiopia
  19. Africa's Growing Soil Fertility Crisis: What Role for Fertilizer?
  20. Process Monitoring in Andhra Pradesh: An Award-Winning Innovation in Project Supervision

  21. Returning Young Mexican Farmers to the Land

  22. Building Infrastructure and Social Capital in Rural Egypt

  23. Assessing the Investment Climate for Rural Enterprises

  24. Food Safety and Agricultural Health Management in CIS Countries: Completing the Transition  Russian

  25. Innovating to Reduce Risks: The Case of Livestock Insurance in Mongolia

  26. Scenario Planning to Guide Long-Term Investments: Theory and Practice from a Case Study in India
  27. Cultivating Knowledge and Skills to Grow African Agriculture
  28. Land Policy and Administration as a Basis for the Sustainable Development of the Brazilian Amazon (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  29. Brazil Land-Based Poverty Alleviation Project (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  30. Honduras: A New Model of Public-Private Partnership for Land Access and Rural Enterprise Formation (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  31. A Strategy for Improving Land Administration in India (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  32. Implementing Low-Cost Rural Land Certification:The Case of Ethiopia (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  33. Kyrgyz Republic: Benefits of Securing and Registering Land for Development (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  34. China: Integrated Land Policy Reform in a Context of Rapid Urbanization (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  35. Land-Related Legal Aid in Community Driven Development Projects: Lessons from Andhra Pradesh (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  36. Information and Communications Technology in Land Administration Projects (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  37. Armenia Title Registration Project (Land Policy and Administration Series)
  38. From Agriculture to Nutrition: Pathways, Synergies and Outcomes
  39. Financial Services for Developing Small-Scale Irrigation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  40. Financial Services to Improve Access to Water Supply and Sanitation in Sub-Saharan Africa
  41. Land Reform in Mozambique
  42. Rethinking Forest Partnerships and Benefits Sharing
  43. Agricultural Innovation Funds
  44. Making the Grade: Smallholder Farmers, Emerging Standards, and Development Assistance Programs in Africa
  45. From Degraded Pasturelands to Climate-Smart Livestock Production Systems in Northwest Cameroon
  46. Lessons from Scaling Up
  47. Productivity and Climate Benefits of Improved Land Management Technologies
  48. Lessons from Scaling Up: Recycling Cassava Waste – a Triple Win for Development. A Case Study From Nigeria 
  49. Lessons from Scaling Up: Developing Value Chains for Wool – Lessons from Mongolia
  50. Lessons from Scaling Up: Reducing Postharvest Loss Through Mini Cold Storage Technology - Lessons from India
  51. Filling the Data Gap on Gender in Rural Kenya 














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