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PROFISH - Selected World Bank Fisheries Literature


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Links to selected WB Publications


The Sunken Billions: The Economic Justification for Fisheries Reform, 2008

PROFISH Factsheets, 2005-2008

Gender in Agriculture Sourcebook, 2008

Towards integrated assessment and advice in small-scale fisheries: Principles and processes, 2008 (FAO publication supported by PROFISH)

Small-scale capture fisheries: A global overview with emphasis on developing countries, 2008

Aquaculture: Changing the Face of the Waters, 2007

Where is the Wealth of Nations? Measuring Capital for the 21st Century, 2006
Scaling Up Marine Management: the Role of Marine Protected Areas, 2006 
Agriculture Investment Source Book, Module 6: Investment in Fisheries and Aquaculture, 2006
Doing business in 2006
Environment Matters at the World Bank, 2006
The Coral Reef Targeted Research & Capacity Building for Management (CRTR) Program, 2006
The Little Data Book on Africa, 2006
The Little Green Data Book, 2006
Water Resources Sector Strategy, 2006
Ensuring Environmental Sustainability: Measuring Progress Toward the 7th Millennium Development Goal, 2005
Environmental Fiscal Reform: What should be done and how to achieve it, 2005
Kazakhstan Sector Study: Innovations in Fisheries Management for Kazakhstan, 2005 (abstract in English, full text in Russian)
Lessons for Managing Lake Basins for Sustainable Use, 2005
Turning the Tide, 2005

Saving Fish and Fishers. Toward Sustainable and Equitable Governance of the Global Fishing Sector, 2004
Assessing the Economic Value of Ecosystem Conservation, 2004
Governance Matters IV: Governance Indicators for 1996-2004
The Impact of Sanitary Measures on Exports of Fishery Products from India, 2004
The Little Data Book, 2004
Policy Applications of Environmental Accounting, 2003
Social Analysis Sourcebook: Incorporating Social Dimensions into Bank-Supported Projects, 2003
Freshwater fishes of Northern Vietnam, 2001
Milazzo, M. 1998. “
Subsidies in World Fisheries: A Re-Examination.” World Bank Technical Paper No. WTP 406. Fisheries Series. World Bank, Washington, DC.
Managing the Marine and Coastal Environment of Sub-Saharan Africa: Strategic Directions for Sustainable Development (
For sale)

Blueprint 2050: Sustaining the Marine Environment in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar. 2005. (For Sale)

Cunningham, S. 2005. “Conclusions: Factors for Success in Fisheries Management.” In S. Cunningham and T. Bostock (eds.), Successful Fisheries Management: Issues, Case Studies and Perspectives. Delft: Eburon Academic Publishers. (For sale)

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