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Sustainable Land Management Sourcebook




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Policies promoting pro-poor agricultural growth are the key to helping countries achieve the Millennium Development Goals. Sustainable land management (SLM) - an essential component of such policies - will help to ensure the productivity of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and hydrology. SLM will also support a range of ecosystem services (carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, water flows) on which agriculture depends.

Part I. Sustainable Land Management: Challenges  identifies the need and scope for SLM and food production in relation to cross-sector issues such as freshwater and forest resources, regional climate and air quality, and interactions with biodiversity conservation and increasingly valuable ecosystem services.

Part II. Major Farming Systems: Investment Options and Innovations  categorizes the diversity of land management systems globally and the strategies for improving household livelihoods in every system type. It presents a range of investment notes that summarize good practice, as well as innovative activity profiles.

Part III. Web-based Resources identifies easy-to-access Web resources relevant for land and natural resource managers.