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ARD Week 2009 Website


For the first time in three years, Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Week brought together over 300 internal and external development partners to discuss and devise a new ways to implement the ever-important agriculture for development agenda.


During the first two days of plenary sessions, conference participants welcomed perspectives on the theme of the week, Agriculture in a Changing World, from a variety of voices including the Honorable Agnes Kalibata, Minister of State for Agriculture, Ambassador Geert Aagaard Andersen of Denmark, David Kaimowitz of the Ford Foundation, and the six regional World Bank agriculture and rural development sector managers.


The two learning days to follow included extremely well attended sessions on topics ranging from brushing up on important fundamentals, Economic Analysis of Agriculture Projects, to the latest thinking on the intersection of agricultural issues and emerging challenges, Factoring Governance and Forest-Dependent Poor into Climate Change Activities.


The fifth and final day allowed for the regions to focus on pressing issues with the day dedicated to retreats.


Please find presentations (pdf) from the sessions of ARD Week 2009, Agriculture in a Changing World, below.

Learning Days

Video: Interview with Dr. Agnes Kalibata, Minister of State for Agriculture, Rwanda

Video: Why Women Matter

ARD Week 2009 Event Guide

  Day One Forum - Monday, March 2

The State of Agriculture& Rural Development

Agriculture in a Changing World: Challenges and Opportunities

Experience to Date in helping Clients Manage Global food Crisis

Agriculture and Climate Change: Enhancing Resilience and Adaptation

Large Scale Investments in Land: Déjà vu or New Development Opportunity?

Mobile Phone: The Future of Rural Cash?

Agriculture and Climate Change:  Modeling and Managing Water from Basin to Nozzle

Private Sector Roundtable

Key Aspects of Land Sector Governance

 Day Two Forum - Tuesday, March 3

Harnessing Science and Technology for Agriculture and Rural Development

Building Sustainable Fertilizer Markets:   What Has Worked, What Has Not Worked, and What It Has All Cost

Key Approaches to Getting Agricultural and Rural EnterpriseMoving:  Value Chains, Rural Investment Climate, and Doing Business

Carbon Finance Opportunities in the Agriculture Sector – How Can We Create the “Carbon Asset” to the Benefit of Smallholder Farmers?

CGIAR’s Best Bet Technologies: From Lab to Farm

Escaping Poverty: “Milking” the Opportunities for Smallholder Livestock Producers

Piloting Through the Turbulence: Private Sector Perspectives on Managing Agriculture-Related Risks

Moving Forward: World Bank Agriculture Action Plan