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Land Policy and Administration: Land governance

Land governance framework


Land Governance recordsTo ensure that diagnosis of a country’s land sector is cognizant of cross-cutting and multi-faceted issues (which cut across rural and urban domains) and translated into quantifiable indicators of progress that can be monitored, the team elaborated a land governance framework. The framework uses 5 thematic areas, namely (i) legal and institutional framework; (ii) land use planning, management and taxation; (iii) management of public land; (iv) public provision of land information; and (v) dispute resolution and conflict management. Within these, 21 “land governance indicators” that are split further into a number of dimensions that have been defined. The framework is very similar to the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) framework that is widely used by multilaterals and donors. Drawing on the PEFA, a methodology of scoring for these through a team of local experts led by a local country coordinator has been developed and implemented on a pilot basis in four countries (Peru, Kyrgiz Republic, Tanzania, Indonesia). While country reports are currently being finalized, the response from a wide range of stakeholders has been highly positive.  In fact, the governments of Ethiopia as well as Rwanda have decided to implement the framework, while the African Union is considering the use of a simplified version as a basis to track countries’ progress in implementing the recently adopted land policy guidelines.


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