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Partnership Publications

Partnership publications are joint collaborations of ARD and other World Bank departments; ARD and partner development organizations; or publications focusing on Agriculture and Rural Development, produced by other World Bank departments.

Sustainable Agricultural Productivity Growth and Bridging the Gap for Small-Family Farms: Interagency Report to the Mexican G20 Presidency 

  • Early in 2012 Mexico, as G20 President, invited international organizations to examine practical actions that could be undertaken to sustainably improve agricultural productivity growth, in particular on small family farms. The preparation of this report, coordinated by the FAO and the OECD, is a collaborative undertaking by Bioversity, CGIAR Consortium, FAO, IFAD, IFPRI, IICA, OECD, UNCTAD, UN High Level Task Force on the Food Security Crisis, WFP, World Bank, and WTO.

The Status and Impact of Biosafety Regulation in Developing Economies since Ratification of the Cartagena Protocol 

Toolkit for Enhancing Carbon Stocks and Reducing C02 Emissions in Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Projects 

World Livestock Disease Atlas: A Quantitative Analysis of Global Animal Health Data (2006-2009)

Lessons Learned in the Development of Smallholder Private Irrigation for High-Value Crops in West Africa

Subsidies as an Instrument in Agriculture Finance: A Review

How Do We Improve Public Expenditure in Agriculture?

Horticulture Exports from Ghana: A Strategic Study

Pilot Land Tenure Registration in Rwanda: Evidence of Initial Impacts

Innovations in Land Rights Recognition, Administration and Governance 

Not yet up to standard : The Legacy of Two Decades of Private, Governmental, and Donor Efforts to Promote Ugandan Horticultural Exports 

Awakening Africa's Sleeping Giant : Prospects for Commercial Agriculture in the Guinea Savannah Zone and Beyond

Agricultural Development Under a Changing Climate: Opportunities and Challenges for Adaptation 


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