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World Bank Group Agriculture Action Plan

Implementing Agriculture for Development, World Bank Group Agriculture Action Plan: FY2010-12 is the follow up to the broad consensus represented by World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development. It outlines the scaled-up World Bank Group commitment to support the improvement of agriculture’s contribution to food security, to raise the incomes of the poor, to facilitate economic transformation, and to provide environmental services. It builds upon previous themes found in Reaching the Rural Poor, the 2003 Agriculture and Rural Development Strategy. 


Following the insights of the World Development Report 2008: Agriculture for Development, it gives greater attention to:

  • Increasing agricultural productivity, especially of poor smallholders, for greater progress in rural poverty alleviation;
  • Differentiating the mix of support across the three “country worlds” of agriculture; and
  • The role of agriculture in providing environmental services, including agriculture in the context of climate change.

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