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Europe and Central Asia Land eLearning Series

In the past 15 years the World Bank has been involved in a number of land registration, cadastre, and management projects throughout the Europe and Central Asia. Impressive results have been achieved. Stakeholders in the region have benefitted from sharing experiences. The World Bank Land team in ECA has established an e-learning forum in order to maintain contacts and exchange ideas, lessons learned, and best practices. Tajikistan
Cotton farmer in Tajikistan by Gennadiy Ratushenko
The learning activities take place on-line at a time that is convenient to most of the Bank’s client countries in the ECA region. The sessions take from one to one and half hours, on a monthly or bimonthly basis. They consist of a presentation given by an expert, followed by a complementary note presented by a commentator, and the questions and answers.

Spatial Data Infrastructure, January 2010
1. DSI and EU INSPIRE directive, Rumyana Tonchovska
2. Examples of Standards Used in Germany, Martin Lenk

Managing Land Administration as a Business, March 2010 
1. Experience in Georgia, David Egiasvili 
2. Managing Land Administration as a Business, Rik Wouters
3. Managing Land Administration as a Business, John Manthorpe

Cadastral Survey in the 21st  Century, June 2010
1. Cadastral Survey in the 21st Century, Gavin Adlington
2. Aspects of Maintaining Cadastral System, Gerhard Muggenhuber
3. Cadastre Experience, Edwin Hyde

IT in Land Administration - Lessons Learnt
1. IT Lessons Learned, Rumyana Tonchovska
2. Moldova Experience in IT Systems, Andrei Sirbu
3. Serbian experience in IT Systems, Dejan Stojanovic
4. Turkish experience in implementing of the IT system, Sedat BAKICI

Mandatory Use of Notaries in Land Transactions becoming Unnecessary, November 2010
Mandatory Use of Notaries Becoming Unnecessary? Helge Onsrud
Why Does the Civil Law Notary Bring an Essential Contribution to Securing Land Registration? 
Michel Merlotti
Comment on the Notary Session, Lynn Holstein
Same Tasks, Different Roles: Analyzing Land Administration Systems Requires Differentiating Activities and Actors, J.A. Zevenbergen



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