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Agricultural Innovation Systems



Agricultural development depends on innovation and is a major source of improved productivity, competitiveness, and economic growth throughout advanced and emerging economies. Innovation plays an important role in creating jobs, generating income, alleviating poverty, and driving social development. More>> 

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International Workshop on Investing in and Stregthening Agricultural Innovation Systems - An international workshop held in Washington D.C from May 30 - June 1, 2012 brought together more than 100 AIS experts and interested participants for three days of exchange and discussions. The presentations can be viewed here.

Agricultural Innovation Systems: An Investment Sourcebook

AIS CoverPast efforts to strengthen agricultural research extension and education systems have not increased innovation in agriculture at the pace or the scale required by the intensifying challenges confronting agriculture today.  Experience indicates that aside from a strong capacity in R&D, the ability to innovate is often related to collective action and coordination, exchange of knowledge among diverse actors, and incentives and resources available to form partnerships and develop business. The Agricultural Innovation Systems Sourcebook describes the additional and complementary interventions needed for an effective agricultural innovation system (AIS).


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Agriculture Research

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Agricultural Extension

Agricultural extension and rural advisory services provide critical access to the knowledge and information that rural people need to increase the productivity and sustainability of their production systems, and thus improve the quality of their lives and livelihoods. More>> 

Agricultural Research

A strong research, science and technology system contributes to innovation and to sustainable, and equitable agricultural development. Between 1991 and 2011 the World Bank invested USD 2.2 billion in support of agricultural research - an average of USD 106 million per year. More>> 

Agricultural Education

Agricultural Education and Training (AET) has a major role as creator of capacity and supplier of the human resources necessary to enable rural people to increase agricultural productivity and the sustainability of their farming systems. More>> 



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ICT in Agriculture: Connecting smallholders to knowledge, networks and institutions through practical up-to-date resources and information 

World Bank Institute's (WBI) Skills and Innovation Policy (SIP) Program

Global Forum for Advisory Services (GFRAS) pro-actively promotes rural advisory services (RAS) development


India's National Agriculture Innovation Project (NAIP)

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