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Agricultural Innovation Systems: An Investment Sourcebook

The content of the AIS Sourcebook is presented in 7 thematic Modules. Each Module covers a theme related to assessing and designing investments in a particular area integral to the AIS.

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Each Module is made up of three components:

The Module Overviews introduces a theme, summarizes the major issues and investment options. The overview provides substantive contextual information for each topic, including lessons from earlier approaches.

Several Thematic Notes discuss technical and practical aspects of specific investment approaches and programs that have been tested and can be recommended for implementation and scaling up, including lessons that can guide the design and implementation.

Several Innovative Activity Profiles describe the design and highlight innovative and successful features of recent projects and activities related to the area of investment described in the module.

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Table of Contents, Foreword, Acknowledgements & Abbreviations 
Sourcebook Overview and User Guide
Module 1: Coordination and Collective Action for Agricultural Innovation 

Module 1 Overview
Thematic Note 1: National Coordination and Governance of Agricultural Innovation
Thematic Note 2: How to Build Innovation Networks
Thematic Note 3: Facilitating Smallholders’ Access to Modern Marketing Chains
Thematic Note 4: Building Innovation Capabilities in Farmer Organizations
Innovative Activity Profile 1: No-Till Networks in Developing Countries
Innovative Activity Profile 2: Learning Organizations That Support Innovation: Mexico’s Produce Foundations
Innovative Activity Profile 3: Chile’s Foundation for Agricultural Innovation
Innovative Activity Profile 4: A Rural Institutional Platform Mobilizes Communities to Become Effective Partners in Agricultural Innovation in Andhra Pradesh
Innovative Activity Profile 5: In the Networking Age, Cassava Development Relies on Public-Private Research Partnerships
Innovative Activity Profile 6: Rural Productive Alliances: A Model for Overcoming Market Barriers
Module 1: Notes and References

Module 2: Agricultural Education and Training to Support Agricultural Innovation Systems 

Module 2 Overview
Thematic Note 1: Reforming Public Agricultural Education at the Tertiary Level
Thematic Note 2: Curriculum Change in Higher Agricultural Education
Thematic Note 3: Education and Training for Technician Development
Thematic Note 4: Reforming the Management of In-Service Training/Learning
Innovative Activity Profile 1: Reforming India’s State Agricultural Universities
Innovative Activity Profile 2: Transforming Wageningen Agricultural University
Innovative Activity Profile 3: Curriculum Change in Agricultural Universities Strengthens Links in the Arab Republic of Egypt’s Innovation System
Innovative Activity Profile 4: Innovative Training Program for Midcareer Agricultural Extension Staff: The Sasakawa Africa Fund Education Program
Innovative Activity Profile 5: Chiang Mai University Links with Rural Communities to Focus Research on Farming Problems and Foster Curriculum Change
Innovative Activity Profile 6: EARTH University, Costa Rica: A New Kind of Agricultural University
Innovative Activity Profile 7: Technical Skills for Export Crop Industries in Uganda and Ethiopia
Innovative Activity Profile 8: Agribusiness Training for Secondary School Graduates in Timor-Leste
Innovative Activity Profile 9: Vocational Training in the Arab Republic of Egypt Combines Technical and Innovation Skills for Agriculture
Module 2: Notes and References  

Module 3: Investment in Extension and Advisory Services as Part of Agricultural Innovation Systems
Module 3 Overview
Thematic Note 1: Pluralistic Extension Systems
Thematic Note 2: Farming as a Business and the Need for Local (Agri-) Business Development Services
Thematic Note 3: Extension-Plus: New Roles for Extension and Advisory Services
Thematic Note 4: The Role of Innovation Brokers in Agricultural Innovation Systems
Innovative Activity Profile 1: Agrodealer Development in Developing and Emerging Markets
Innovative Activity Profile 2: Federating Farmer Field Schools in Networks for Improved Access to Services
Innovative Activity Profile 3: INCAGRO: Developing a Market for Agricultural Innovation Services in Peru
Innovative Activity Profile 4: Combining Extension Services with Agricultural Credit: The Experience of BASIX India
Module 3: Notes and References 
Module 4: Agricultural Research within an Agricultural Innovation System

Module 4 Overview
Thematic Note 1: Designing Agricultural Research Linkages within an AIS Framework
Thematic Note 2: Building and Strengthening Public-Private Partnerships in Agricultural Research
Thematic Note 3: Regional Research in an Agricultural Innovation System Framework: Bringing Order to Complexity
Thematic Note 4: Codesigning Innovations: How Can Research Engage with Multiple Stakeholders?
Thematic Note 5: Organizational Change for Learning and Innovation
Innovative Activity Profile 1: Redesigning a Livestock Research Institute to Support Livestock Development within an AIS Approach
Innovative Activity Profile 2: An Innovative Approach to Agricultural Technology Development and Transfer in India
Innovative Activity Profile 3: The Agricultural Technology Consortium Model in Chile
Innovative Activity Profile 4: Linking Research and Development Actors through Learning Alliances
Module 4: Notes and References 

Module 5: Incentives and Resources for Innovation Partnerships and Business Development

Module 5 Overview
Thematic Note 1: Foundations for Public-Private Partnerships
Thematic Note 2: Innovation Funds
Thematic Note 3: Accelerating the Development of Agribusiness Enterprises by Using Business Incubators
Thematic Note 4: Agricultural Clusters
Thematic Note 5: Technology Transfer Offices: Facilitating Intellectual Property Protection for Agricultural Innovation
Thematic Note 6: Risk Capital for Agriculture in Developing and Middle-Income Countries
Innovative Activity Profile 1: Developing Entrepreneurs through an Agribusiness Incubator at ICRISAT
Innovative Activity Profile 2: The China Technology Transfer Project
Innovative Activity Profile 3: Agricultural Cluster Development in Nicaragua
Innovative Activity Profile 4: Providing Farmers with Direct Access to Innovation Funds
Module 5: Notes and References   

Module 6: Creating an Enabling Environment for Agricultural Innovation 
Module 6 Overview
Thematic Note 1: National Innovation Policy
Thematic Note 2: Governance of Innovation Systems
Thematic Note 3: Managing Intellectual Property to Foster Agricultural Development
Thematic Note 4: Biosafety Regulatory Systems in the Context of Agricultural Innovation
Thematic Note 5: Technical Regulations and Standards
Innovative Activity Profile 1: Developing an Enabling Environment to Improve Zambian Smallholders’ Agribusiness Skills and Commercial Orientation
Innovative Activity Profile 2: Intellectual Property Management in Livestock Veterinary Medicines for Developing Countries
Innovative Activity Profile 3: Developing a Subregional Approach to Regulating Agricultural Biotechnology in West Africa
Innovative Activity Profile 4: The Supply Response to New Sources of Demand for Financial and Other Services in Rural Andhra Pradesh
Module 6: Notes and References 
Module 7: Assessing, Prioritizing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Agricultural Innovation Systems
Module 7 Overview
Thematic Note 1: Assessing Innovation for Prioritizing Investments
Thematic Note 2: Methods for Organizational Assessments in Agricultural Innovation Systems
Thematic Note 3: Foresighting Investments in Agricultural Innovation
Thematic Note 4: Monitoring Agricultural Innovation System Interventions
Thematic Note 5: Evaluating Agricultural Innovation System Interventions
Innovative Activity Profile 1: Self-Organizing Networks in Policy and Planning: Experience from Sierra Leone’s Partnership for Agricultural Innovation and Development
Innovative Activity Profile 2: Using Net-Map to Assess and Improve Agricultural Innovation Systems
Innovative Activity Profile 3: Gender Analysis for the Assessment of Innovation Processes: The Case of Papa Andina in Peru
Innovative Activity Profile 4: Scenario Planning to Guide Long-Term Investments in Agricultural Science and Technology in India
Innovative Activity Profile 5: A Vision for Agriculture in Chile in 2030 and the Implications for Its Innovation System
Innovative Activity Profile 6: Monitoring and Evaluation in the Fodder Innovation Project
Innovative Activity Profile 7: Monitoring and Evaluation in the Research Into Use Program
Module 7: Notes and References  
Glossary, Authors and their Affliations, Index 

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