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Community Based Rural Development (CBRD)

Agriculture & Natural Resource Management Toolkit
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Why this toolkit?

  • Approximately 45 percent of Bank lending in rural areas employs the community-driven development (CDD) approach.
  • Most CDD projects are implemented in rural areas among communities whose livelihoods are predominantly dependent on agriculture and/or the natural resource base.
  • Communities are increasingly requesting assistance for productive and income-generating subprojects that can develop and enhance their existing livelihoods

How this toolkit can help

This toolkit introduces a broad range of Ag/NRM and CDD knowledge, including emerging themes, lessons learned, and good practices. These will help practitioners to design and implement both:

  • Multi-sectoral CDD projects that have significant Ag/NRM components; and/or
  • Ag/NRM projects that employ a CDD approach to defining and implementing subprojects.

What are the challenges?

  • Expanding CDD to include Ag/NRM subprojects requires a paradigm shift toward financing of market-based activities and sustainable management of common property resources, that generate income for households and communities.
  • Such investments bring community-driven projects squarely into the 'grey' realm of defining the appropriate role of the public sector in promoting market-led sustainable development.
  • At the same time, sector-based Ag/NRM projects with a community-based outlook are gravitating toward CDD approaches, which require the use of a framework for participatory development and empowerment of communities and producer groups.
  • Thus, as CDD and sector-based approaches converge and experience is accumulated, practitioners need to draw on existing knowledge and lessons learned from each approach

How to use this toolkit

This toolkit provides CDD task team leaders, project planners, and rural development practitioners with a means to tap into the existing knowledge and emerging themes in Ag/NRM. It is not meant as a single source guide to all Ag/NRM information, but rather as an initial portal for determining what types of information are relevant for a particular CDD project as it relates to Ag/NRM and how to access this information.

Each task team leader will have his/her own requirements, based on the particular project and the team's background. It is however, suggested that the user begin with a review of 'Ag/NRM in the CDD context', which provides a short introduction to Ag/NRM from the perspective of CDD and vice versa. A practical definition of Ag/NRM in the CDD context is presented in 'Investment opportunities' section.

Second, users should review the 'Basic design principles', which build on basic CDD principals with a particular orientation toward Ag/NRM subprojects.

The 'Initial assessment' section will be of particular use, when planning a project identification mission or initial preparation activities. Utilize the 'Investment opportunities' section when considering various investment options and the sector-specific issues associated with them .

Finally, the 'The subproject cycle' section presents the administrative process to complete a CDD Ag/NRM subproject cycle. This section includes templates, sample forms and letters that you can use for your project. 

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