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2011Weather Index Insurance for Agriculture: Guidance for Development Practitioners 
2011Supply Chain Risk Assessment: Cocoa in Ghana 
2011Uganda Dairy Supply Chain Risk Assessment 
2011Uganda Coffee Supply Chain Risk Assessment 
2011Guyana Rice Supply Chain Risk Assessment 
2010Haiti Coffee Supply Chain Risk Assessment 
2010The Assessment of Innovative Approaches For Flood Risk Management and Financing in Agriculture 
2010Rapid Agricultural Supply Chain Risk Assessment 
2010Rapid Agricultural Supply Chain Risk Assessment - Methodological Guidelines
2009Weather Risk Management: An Ethiopian Pilot 
2009Flood Risk Management: Feasibility Research on Index-Based Flood Products in Thailand and Vietnam 
2009Rainfall Index-Based Insurance for Maize Farmers in Thailand: Review of Pilot Program 2006-2009 
2009Micro- and Meso-Level Weather Risk Management: Deficit Rainfall in Malawi 
2009Agricultural Insurance in Nicaragua: From Concept to Pilots to Mainstreaming 
2009Global Economic Prospects 2009: Commodities at the Cross Roads
2009Managing Drought Risk for Food Security in Africa: An Innovative Solution in Malawi
2008International Task Force on Commodity Risk Management in Developing Countries: Activities, Findings and the Way Forward 
2008Rapid Agriculture Supply Chain Risk Methodological Guidelines
2007Hedging Maize Import Price Risks in Malawi: Case Study 
2007Risk Management Tools for Malawi Food Security 
2007Scaling Up Microinsurance: The Case of Weather Insurance for Smallholders in India
2006Weather Risk Management: An Ethiopian Pilot 
2005Managing Food Price Risks and Instability in an Environment of Market Liberalization
2005Managing Agricultural Production Risk: Innovations in Developing Countries 
2005Weather Based Insurance in Southern Africa: The Case of Malawi
2003Design and Use of Weather Derivatives in Agricultural Policies: the Case of Rainfall Index Insurance in Morocco 
2002Can Financial Markets be Tapped to Help Poor People Cope with Weather Risks 
2002Crop Disaster Assistance in Ukraine: Issues, Alternatives, and Consequences 
1998Commodity Risk Management and Development

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