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Forests Strategy

 Sustaining Forests cover art In 2002 the World Bank adopted a new Forest Strategy titled Sustaining Forests: A Development Strategy (4,626 Kb). (Appendixes  are posted separately - 3,109 Kb.) The Strategy presents an integrated  approach to achieve the broad objectives of poverty alleviation, sustainable economic development, and environmental conservation, identifying and protecting critical forest conservation areas while supporting improved forest management in production forests outside these areas. Hard copies can be purchased through the World Bank on-line publications store at:


In 2007 the World Bank initiated an independent review of implementation of its 2002 Forests Strategy The Review of Implementation  examined the progress achieved to date by the World Bank Group (IDA/IBRD, IFC and MIGA) in its program of activities related to forests, challenges, and options for future action. Please note that this review was in no way an assessment of the Forests Strategy itself. 

During the process of the review, the independent review team (consisting of Dr. Arnoldo Contreras-Hermosilla and Dr. Markku Simula) invited all relevant stakeholders to provide input via electronic submissions and telephone interviews. Inputs were solicited on the following:

  • The Bank’s overall performance in implementing the Forests Strategy
  • Key issues and constraints to be addressed
  • Opportunities to be tapped
 Sustaining Forests cover art

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